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Choose right version of SureMDM for your business: SureMDM SaaS or On-Premise

Mar 16, 2015 | 42Gears Team

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‘s Mobile Device Management Solution – SureMDM comes with two delivery options; SaaS and On-Premise. Each of these delivery options has its own benefits and serve different needs. Below are some pointers to help you decide on the right version of SureMDM for your business.

suremdm_saas_logoSureMDM SaaS

point SureMDM is hosted on 42Gears secured servers which means no investment to setup infrastructure and system maintenance.

point Quick and short deployment process.

point You can access SureMDM Web Console anytime from anywhere.

point Based on subscription model which means that you have to pay fixed fee per mobile device (annual/monthly).

point Scalable flexible setup as more number of devices can be added without additional hardware or extended maintenance.

point Upgrades are available as part of the service.

suremdm_on-premise_logoSureMDM On-Premise

point SureMDM setup including servers are installed at your location on your own network infrastructure.

point You maintain control of the servers and data and responsible for their security and administration.

point One-time license fee and optional annual maintenance for devices.

point Optional upgrades, annual maintenance and support.

To read more about SureMDM, click here.

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