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Data collected in MDM

Default On Demand
Serial Number Installed Applications Info
IMEI, IMSI Location, Address
OS Info - Version,Security Patch Date,OS Build Number Data Usage(Job)
Storage Info - Ram , Internal Memory Sms Logs (Job)
Battery Info-Percentage,Temperature,Type CallLogs(Job)
MAC Address Analytics - App Usage(SureLock) ,Browser Analytics(SureFox),Playlist Analytics(SureVideo) - JOB
Data Usage(Job) Settings of our products - SureLock,SureFox,SureVideo
WiFi Info - SSID,Signal Strength,BSSID,Security Type Data Usage(Job)
Device Time Zone SecurityPolicy - password length ,password quality,timeout,max attempt before wipe
Android ID
Cpu Usage
GPU Usage
Bluetooth Info - Name,Status,Bluetooth SSID
State of Peripherals & Features - WiFi,Mobile,Enterprise Status,GPS,USB,Bluetooth,Hotspot,Encryption,CTS,USB Debugging,Unknown Sources,Root,Signature,Knox
IP Address - Local & Global
Device Model
Device Brand
GCM or FCM Token
The status of the user is collected like, device owner or profile owner or afw supported or managed device
AFW Support Status
Device Date Time
Sim Serial Number
Admin status of our products - SureLock,Nix,SureFox,SureVideo
Voice Mail Number
Active HomeScreen