Case Study - Technology


How TLP Ventures benefited from our solutions

TLP Ventures is a software development company based out of East Hartford, Connecticut.

TLP Ventures focuses on writing software for mobile applications which are used for door to door enrollments especially in the energy sector. Digital Enrollment System is one of TLP Ventures's custom-software package that enables the Energy Companies to collect data in easy and effective way through use of tablets.


What challenges in your business influenced you to look for a solution?

Our clients are typical Fortune 500 companies who require mobile devices used in the field to be locked down. In addition, many of the representatives using the mobile devices are contractors and are out in the field daily. Therefore our client needs to make sure that the mobile workforce use the deployed devices in appropriate ways. We wanted to make sure that the workforce do not compromise on their efficiency by surfing net or using unwanted applications. 


What criteria did you have in mind when you were looking for the right solution?

We were looking for a product which was Off-the-shelf and easy to install. We also wanted something that also allowed us some flexibility to customize certain features according to our need. 


How did you get to know about 42Gears?

We got to know about 42Gears from Google Play


How were 42Gears solutions used?

We use SureLock, SureFox and SureMDM for -

    • Locking down devices
    • Locking down browsers
    • Remotely managing devices
    • Remote diagnosis and troubleshooting of issues in devices


What did you find most attractive about 42Gears products?

What we liked was the simplicity of the product and it's nice user interface.


What benefits have you experienced from using 42Gears products?

Post we implemented 42Gears solutions, we have locked down the devices with only few required allowed applications and websites which has ensured proper usage of all the deployed devices. However the best feature is managing devices remotely. Once, we had one of our folders somehow deleted from a handful of systems and with SureMDM, it was very easy to access those devices and add the folder. 


Are you able to quantify the benefits/results of using 42Gears products?

We liked the products and the benefits are shown in how we have changed working with our mobile field workforce.


What business processes does our solution enhance?

With lockdown of devices with SureLock and SureFox, the productivity and efficiency of the workforce has improved.

And SureMDM has best helped our maintenance and troubleshooting process of the field devices. Now, for certain issues, we do not have to have the devices sent back to our office to fix which does save a lot of productive time and logistic expenses. 


How would you rate 42Gears for the support during the Solution Testing, Implementation and Post Deployment?

Support was excellent.. Initially, we did need support during implementation and 42Gears team was very good to work with. The team also provided patches for new features to the products whenever requested.


How likely is that you will use other products from 42Gears?

Very likely, if we have any need in the future and 42Gears meets our requirements.


"What we liked was the simplicity of the product and its nice user interface."

Todd Liebman,CEO, TLP Ventures