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Case Study - Education

Learnpedia makes preparation for professional entrance exams fun with interactive digital content and 42Gears products

Learnpedia is an edu-tech company that promises to make learning a fun and fascinating experience for students preparing to write various competitive exams. Its flagship product ScoreJEE is already redefining preparation for IIT-JEE (Indian Institutes of Technology Joint Entrance Examination).

Head-quartered in Hyderabad, India, Learnpedia is promoted by seasoned academicians with deep rooted understanding of the test-prep industry and a compelling passion to nurture next-gen talent. It aims to bridge all the gaps in the traditional competitive exam preparation by providing engaging and interactive digital content.

Learnpedia makes preparation for professional entrance exams fun with interactive digital content


Learnpedia developed a unique digital learning solution platform for students preparing for competitive examinations like IIT-JEE in the form of videos, easy to comprehend text and animations. The solution known as JEE-Study Mate contains 750 sessions of offline content. It is available both in the forms of DVDs and on tablets.

Students having easy access to tablets could easily misuse them by downloading unnecessary apps and browsing internet which could potentially result in malware and high data usage. This was a big challenge for Learnpedia as parents didn’t want their child preparing for an important exam to get distracted by playing games and browsing the internet on tablets.

Learnpedia wanted students to access only the learning materials and supporting educational apps on the tablets by restricting the use of tablets for playing games, accessing social media, downloading applications and other such distractions.


Learnpedia decided that to ensure effective learning experience, undivided attention of students to learning content and safety of tablets, a device lockdown solution was necessary. It became inevitable for Learnpedia to lockdown the devices and allow students access only to authorized applications and content.

Learnpedia explored many products available in the market, however decided to use SureLock because it was user-friendly and had comprehensive advance lockdown features.

SureLock’s password protected settings and advance lockdown features like disabling Safe Mode and USB usage proved to be tailor-made solution for Learnpedia. Plus, SureLock was easy to use and could be easily integrated with different platforms like Android and Windows.


Learnpedia is now assured that the students’ tablets are locked and secured. Students now are restricted from misusing them which has ensured higher focus on learning using the learning materials and supporting educational apps.


“We had an amazing experience with 42Gears. We tried various other tools before we approached 42Gears. But Surelock's locking mechanism was good and user-friendly. The best part with 42Gears in comparison to any of the competitors is they have an amazing support team and strategically support what they provide.”

Tharun Akula,
IT Head,