Case Study - Technology

InfoPanama delivers a tamper proof tablet solution with SureLock and saves costs for Coop of Taxis in Canada


InfoPanama works in the Information Technology and Communications sector, particularly in the development, management and integration of IT solutions, as well as basic and applied research. Serving companies since 1994.

A team of specialized consultants with research and development department work together to provide the best of IT solutions that increase the efficiency and productivity of businesses.



InfoPanama provides IT solutions to its customers and helps them get an edge over competitors through the use of latest technology. InfoPanama was engaged by Coop of Taxis to provide an Android tablet based solution. The fleet consisted of hundreds of vehicles. InfoPanama provided them with a solution using the latest of mobile technology.

Taxi service companies have been quick to embrace the touch technology that tablets offer. Tablets are very convenient because of their light weight, multi operations capability and connectivity solving most of taxi companies' issues with ease. Tablets have also been widely used by taxi services companies for passenger infotainment. InfoPanama's solution enabled the Coop of Taxis to use Android tablets for keeping the drivers connected to the dispatch central for calls and job dispatches.

During the initial phase of roll out, InfoPanama was faced with the problem of safety of the devices and productivity of drivers. Pascal Gagnon, Project Manager at Infopanama shares, "When we started to deploy the solution we ran into some concerns. A lot of drivers were changing settings or installed games or other non-authorized software on the tablets and we had to deal with unusable tablets because of that".

The customer had to pay for the reconfiguration of the defectives tablets and wanted a solution to restrict the access to the tablet settings and remove the possibility of unauthorized software installations.


InfoPanama solutions team decided that the best way to avoid issues with the settings was to hide them from users. Similarly, they decided to ensure that the drivers did not download any unauthorized applications on the tablets. The team then tried various products that would allow them to lockdown the tablets to only authorized applications. They also wanted the tablet settings to be password protected and be accessed only by the Administrator.

InfoPanama started by testing free products but they were tough to configure and some did not have the capability to block the device settings. Finally, they chose SureLock because it was easy to use, fast to deploy and affordable. To InfoPanama, the product offered a great variety of options yet stayed very intuitive and easy to use.

Once the tablet settings were approved by the customer, deployment across multiple devices was a matter of a couple of minutes. The 'export/import to cloud' feature in SureLock made replication of settings on tablets very quick and easy.


SureLock has saved a lot of money for InfoPanama's customer. Since the deployment of SureLock, the support at Coop of Taxis has faced issues only with the hardware failure. The software side has been stable and well protected. The effort and cost of supporting the devices has significantly come down allowing the customer to focus on core business activities.


"We were searching for software that could prevent the end user from changing settings on the Android tablets they were using.We tried a lot of solutions before choosing SureLock. We did choose them over the other for the ease of configuration and management. Their solutions are strong and easy to deploy.They are always available to help and doing business with them is easy and pleasant.The decision to use SureLock was a great decision and we never regretted our choice".

Pascal Gagnon
Project Manager, InfoPanama