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Case Study - Transportation

42Gears ensures a smooth and successful product launch for FTR, the Transport Intelligent Experts

42Gears ensures a smooth and successful product launch 
for FTR, the Transport Intelligent Experts

The Business Context

FTR is the expert the industry turns to when in need of Transportation Intelligence. The company has been providing valuable insights to trucking, shipping, rail, equipment, intermodal and financial communities for almost 30 years.

When it comes to North American freight transportation, FTR is known for offering the most reliable quantitative market intelligence, forecasts and analysis - be it about system capacity, equipment production or freight demand. Such information is used by transport professionals for market analysis, internal planning and forecasting.

What called for a solution?

At their annual conference, FTR wanted to use  Windows laptops as demo platform for their new product applications. However, they also wanted to make sure that users could only access the functionalities FTR wanted to showcase.

For this, they needed a solution that could:

  • Let them lock the devices down to limit the number of apps users could access
  • Offer the flexibility to hide the information they needed to secure
  • Ensure users could only use the features that FTR wanted them to check
FTR Logo

Industry: Transportation

Location: Indiana, United States

Product: SureLock and SureMDM

Operating System: Windows 10

Devices: HP Laptops

Licences: 100+

The Solution 42Gears Offered

FTR was looking to deploy HP Laptops for showcasing the features of their new product applications. Also, since there were quite a few devices to be deployed, they wanted a solution that would allow easy configuration.

Our team of experts suggested they use two of our products from our UEM suite for the  purpose.

  • SureLock - This could help the client lockdown devices into kiosks and restrict access to any application and/or information they wanted to secure
  • SureMDM - This could help them manage, monitor and control all the devices deployed from a single pane of glass

FTR tested and agreed that these solutions would help them do exactly what they needed to within the timeframe they had in mind and went ahead with the deployment.

The Result

42Gears enabled a glitch-free product launch for FTR by helping them:

  • Lockdown devices into kiosk mode using SureLock

       - Allowing users to access only specific applications

       - Highlighting product features that had to be showcased

       - Ensuring data and device security

  • Provide a single console to manage multiple devices through SureMDM

       - Configuring all devices in one go

       - Pushing updates to all devices simultaneously

Additionally, they found our solutions to be:

  • Affordable
  • Easy-to-deploy
  • Easy-to-integrate


42Gears is easy to work with. Their solutions are affordable and easy-to-deploy and update. They helped us launch our new product successfully, without a glitch. We’re glad to have chosen them as our solution provider.

- Kevin Jackson,
  Director of Systems & IT