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Why Location Tracking with MDM Can Be a Game-Changer for IT Admins

May 13, 2024 | Harshita B

The hybrid work model has fundamentally changed the IT landscape. Devices are no longer confined within an office network and IT admins face the daunting task of securing and managing a diverse fleet of laptops, tablets, and smartphones – scattered across offices, home offices, and even coffee shops (you might even be reading this from one right now!).

Imagine a bustling logistics company, the complexities are more for the IT admins. They have to protect sensitive customer and company data on devices used by delivery drivers and technicians in the field. To tackle this, they need to enforce data security policies, optimize delivery routes, and also prevent unauthorized access to the device across a large fleet of devices. 

An MDM solution can easily handle the tasks mentioned above. However, to truly optimize delivery routes and ensure complete device security (including protection against loss and theft), location tracking can be a powerful tool. The question that's probably popping in your head right now is "Can my MDM track device location?

SureMDM Definitely Can.

Beyond just central device management (app/content management, profile configurations, and more), SureMDM empowers IT admins with real-time device location tracking for all enrolled devices. Along with this feature, SureMDM provides you the capabilities to remotely perform corrective actions if needed, saving valuable time and minimizing user disruption.

How SureMDM location tracking can be a game-changer for your business 

  1. Empower your hybrid workforce 

    • Keep device data safe by knowing where your device is at all times. 
    • Knowing the real-time location of devices can facilitate smoother collaboration between field technicians and office staff; IT support, and other employees in your company.
    • Increase the chances of locating lost or stolen devices by checking location history. 
  1. Enhance your field service efficiency

    • No more "where are they?" calls. Track field service employee locations directly through the MDM console, optimizing task assignment and dispatch based on proximity.
    • Streamline routing and scheduling by configuring routes based on device location. 
    • Take action on security issues by enabling remote wipe capabilities if necessary to protect sensitive information.
    • Monitor the movement of critical inventory, ensuring it reaches the right destination efficiently and avoiding delays.
  1. Keep devices safe, keep profits up

    • Knowing the real-time location of company devices can help streamline your company’s entire order fulfillment process. It can help with faster deliveries, reduced inventory holding costs, better employee productivity, device safety, and ultimately, increased revenue.

Maximize Device Security with SureMDM

In addition to leveraging location tracking, you can also set up geofences in SureMDM to create virtual boundaries for devices, ensuring they stay within designated areas. You can choose to apply specific rules to devices as they come in or go out of this boundary.  Also, you can specify if an alert has to be sent to the device user, MDM admin, or external email recipient. Learn how to set up geofences in SureMDM

If a device is lost or stolen, you can remotely activate "Lost Mode" to fetch its location for retrieval. In case the device is irretrievable, you can remotely lock or wipe the device to safeguard sensitive data from unauthorized access. 

To know how to set up location tracking with SureMDM, check out our detailed guide and a tutorial video on the same. 

The Bottom Line

SureMDM provides a robust, user-friendly solution specifically designed for businesses with mobile teams. With SureMDM Location Tracking, you can take proactive steps to optimize operations, ensure data security, and ultimately boost your revenue.

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