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Tag mobile devices in SureMDM for efficient management

When you have hundreds of devices enrolled in your MDM, merely grouping them under a category is not enough. There are times when you want to give multiple identities to devices for identification and categorisation. Let’s assume that you want to add a device under a group – Region, however, you also want to add the…

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Build secure web kiosks using Windows PCs and Tablets

Follow @42gears The recent release of Windows PCs/tablets with touch capability, enhanced display features and better battery life has enabled Windows 7/8/10 devices to be used as dedicated or public-use kiosks. But, if these devices are deployed in the unmonitored and unlocked state, they are prone to misuse, vulnerable to security threats and exposed to harmful…

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Sub Classing a WPF Application’s WndProc

Applies to: Product General Platform Windows With the introduction of Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), developers can now create rich User Interface applications which is preferred by end users. While developing such applications, sometimes there can be a need to intercept the Window messages. This can be achieved easily in Win32 and WinForm applications and one…

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