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How to remotely execute shell commands on Linux devices using SureMDM Run Scripts?

SureMDM is a multi-platform,  an EMM solution that supports remote management of Linux devices. You can remotely execute Linux shell commands to perform variety of actions such as: – Installing applications – Creating and Deleting directory – Creating and Deleting files – Configuring  read/write/execute permissions to files – moving files between folders Executing Linux shell…

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Execute Script Commands on Android Smartwatches using SureMDM

Following script commands can be executed on the Android smartwatches remotely using SureMDM. You can create a Run Script job in SureMDM using the steps mentioned below and apply it to desired enrolled smartwatches. Steps to create a Run Script job: 1. On SureMDM Home, click on Jobs 2. On Job screen, click on New…

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