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Major Mobile Security Threats That Cause Data Breaches

Smartphones are making lives easier by being our constant digital companions. They also serve a significant role as an enterprise computer substitute. However, increased usage of smart devices and applications has led to a rapid increase in mobile security threats and data breaches. Today,  enterprises consider mobile malware as one of the top security concerns.…

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Network Fence Your Business Mobile Devices with SureMDM

Nowadays, most enterprises have adopted mobility strategies like Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Corporate-owned Personally Enabled (COPE), to conduct business activities within and outside the office premises. As these devices move freely from one Wi-Fi network to another, they are constantly exposed to security threats such as malware and viruses. These threats could pose…

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HIPAA Compliance – Securing Healthcare Data on Mobile Devices

The influx of mobile devices in workspaces has changed the perception of governing bodies about healthcare data security policies. With the invention of mobile and internet technologies, the method of data transmission has evolved considerably. Mobile devices allow access to corporate data and applications from any part of the world via Cloud services and remote…

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