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How to make mobile devices friendly for seniors

In recent years, smartphones and tablets have transformed the way people communicate. People are using mobile devices for activities such as ordering food, buying clothes, consulting doctors, performing banking transactions, and communicating with team members working remotely. However, senior citizens still find it difficult to use mobile devices. In this article, we will discuss the…

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Turn Smartphones Into Dedicated Mobile Hotspots Using 42Gears MDM Technology

If you need to provide a Wi-Fi connection via hotspot, but don’t have access to dedicated devices (such as Mi-Fi devices), 42Gears can help you find a workaround, bringing critical resources to those who need them. Here’s how, and why it’s so important.  Hotspot devices serve as mobile Wi-Fi hubs. Hotspots can access data from…

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How to select the perfect Infotainment Solution

  Nowadays, good service involves an engaging experience through innovative medium along with core business offerings. Businesses across all verticals are reinventing customer handling with the use of latest technologies and solutions. Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets being the favorite. Whether it is apps, messages, digital ads, companies are utilizing them all to engage customers.…

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