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All You Wanted to Know About Android Enterprise Recommended Program

Android has a large share of handsets in the market owing to attractive handheld models and low prices. These modern Android devices are largely targeted to consumers for everyday use. But often these are not fit for business needs as they fail to address the basic enterprise standards such as minimum hardware specifications, consistent application…

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Major mobile platform providers taking enterprise adoption seriously

Not so long ago mobile devices in enterprises meant using BlackBerry for white-collared workforce and Windows based handheld devices for blue-collared workers. BlackBerry was the de facto choice for enterprises. No other company could match the security and encryption features that BlackBerry provided for the mobile ecosystem. The advent of touch screen phones transformed the…

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How Android for Work is positively impacting enterprises

When it comes to official use, Windows and iOS are far more popular platforms in comparison to Android. In order to gain some ground, Google came up with a new program called Android for Work for enterprises to regulate data and apps that employees store and use on their smartphones and tablets. With the launch…

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