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42Gears Teams Up With Isansys LifeCare In The Battle Against COVID-19

The Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed many industry sectors forever. Being in the epicenter of an unprecedented global pandemic, the healthcare sector is among the hardest-hit. As the number of COVID-19  positive cases increases everyday, a staggering number of patients need to be hospitalized, and many of them require ventilator assistance. This, in turn, puts…

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Freight Drivers Are Secret Pandemic Heroes. But They Need Help.

Everyone can be a hero in the COVID-19 pandemic in different ways, but we can’t always see it. For most people, being a hero means staying home and preventing the spread of the virus. Medical professionals bravely put themselves in close contact with COVID-19 patients, and grocers ensure that those in quarantine have food to…

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Contactless Shopping And The 3 Ways Retail Is Surviving COVID-19

Introduction COVID-19 has impacted many industries, but the retail industry is especially hard-hit. As many stores worldwide have been forced to close due to government orders, sales have dramatically declined for traditional retail (with a resulting shift towards e-commerce).  In areas that do allow for patrons to visit stores, self check-out kiosks are a common…

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COVID-19 – Let’s Not Miss The Silver Lining

The world has been fighting the COVID-19 pandemic for months with no end in sight. Thankfully, some of us are lucky to have the means to adjust to the new normal of staying home, practicing social distancing, and working remotely. It’s a tough battle and organizations around the world have risen up to the challenge…

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