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Contact Tracing Is Coming. Is Your Business Ready For It?

COVID-19 has devastated worldwide economies with no end in sight. Naturally, businesses in areas that are loosening lockdown restrictions are very eager to resume business as soon as possible- but this means some economies are reopening while infection numbers are still high. This means employees and customers remain uneasy about resuming work, as governments lift…

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Want To Onboard New Hires Remotely? SureMDM By 42Gears Can Help

Mandatory work-from-home (WFH) policies hit any company hard- but especially quickly-growing companies with a large number of new hires waiting to be on-boarded. Because traditional on-boarding practices occur in-person, many companies have no choice but to simply defer on-boarding until the quarantine is over.  However, WFH policies do not need to freeze employee onboarding. Using…

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