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Simplify your MDM Migration with SureMDM

Oct 04, 2023 | 42Gears Team

As a business managing a host of employee-owned and corporate-owned devices, you would have invested significant time and effort in evaluating Mobile Device Management/Unified Endpoint Management vendors for your organization. However, due to rapid technological advancements and the latest evolving needs of your business, there is a good chance that your current MDM vendor may fail to fulfill all your business requirements. There are various reasons for organizations to migrate from one vendor to another such as lack of product customization, delay in new features, ineffective technical support, price increases, complicated workflows, and a dated or confusing UI. 

Switching from one MDM to another can be challenging without proper planning and execution. But, worry not, SureMDM’s expert support team can ease the process and help you to seamlessly switch from your existing MDM solution to SureMDM. Starting from the initial phase of ideation to completing the process of switching and beyond, SureMDM’s experts will guide you through every step. 

Challenges in Migration:

Migrating from one MDM Vendor to another can be a challenging process, below are some of the most common faced by organizations during this process:

  • Compatibility: Even though many of the MDM Vendors support most of the major operating systems/platforms, it is necessary for organizations to ensure that the new MDM is compatible with their specific enterprise devices (both company-owned and employee-owned). 
  • Feature Evaluation: Organizations should evaluate whether their required use cases can be achieved with the new vendor. The level of support for different platforms differs across MDM solutions, and some functionalities might not be available with some vendors.
  • Training for End Users: Business operations can come to a halt if the end users are unable to efficiently use the new MDM. So, it is vital for organizations to get the training they need upfront from their supplier. 
  • Switching Cost: Costs involved in migration are one of the major challenges. Migration costs are often associated with evaluating the Vendor, end-user training, and post-migration support. 

How can SureMDM help in seamless migration?

  • Our Product expert will connect with you to understand your MDM requirements and concerns in migration. 
  • We will address the requirements by mapping it with SureMDM features.
  • We will assist in streamlining your migration approach mutually agreed upon.
  • We will try to minimize the steps involved in migration based on device capability and your existing MDM with additional customisation in scripts if required.
  • Enable your MDM admin to achieve functionalities (Jobs/Policies etc. ) using the 42Gears solution.
  • Assist you during the migration phase to overcome challenges if any under 42Gears scope.

Why Choose SureMDM?

In order to address your ever-growing business requirements, it is important to migrate to a reliable and robust solution like SureMDM. Here is the list of features and benefits of choosing SureMDM. 

  • Product Customization: We understand that some of our customers would require customization to fit their workflow, so we provide most product customization requests at no additional cost. 
  • Multi-OS Support: SureMDM supports all major operating systems including Android, iOS/iPadOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, WearOS, Android VR, and ChromeOS. 
  • Support for Things Devices: SureMDM extends its device management capabilities to printers, RFID readers, barcode scanners, and many IoT devices. 
  • Technical Support: SureMDM offers 24/7 best-in-class technical support via application, webpage, chat, and email without any additional cost. 
  • Industry Accolades: 42Gears’ overall customer recommended percentage of 42Gears in Gartner Peer Insights is over 90% and Gartner ranks 42Gears superior for customization, service & support, integration, and ease of deployment.  
  • Easy Learning Curve: SureMDM’s console is designed to minimize complex workflows and easy navigation. With an intuitive dashboard, IT administrators need minimal hand-holding to start managing devices.  
  • Flexible and Transparent Pricing: SureMDM offers a three-tier flexible and transparent pricing model to suit the different business requirements. With SureMDM, you only pay for what you need. 

If you are looking to switch from your MDM solution, get in touch with our sales team today and experience hassle-free migration.

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