Programmatically modifying SureLock Settings

One of the common requests we received from some of our customers was for a solution to make it possible for a third party application to programmatically change the SureLock Security password on the device.

We have implemented a generic solution to update SureLock settings on the device without having to reinstall the SureLock CAB files. Solution includes a new module, Supervisory Update (supupd.exe) which takes new SureLock settings (like security password) as command line parameters. For e.g. an application can change the password by launching supupd.exe with the following parameters:

Program FilesSureLocksupupd.exe /changepwd

Here is a sample code (.NET C#):

Process proc1 = new Process();
string oldPassword = “0123”;
string newPassword = “9876”;
proc1.StartInfo.FileName = “\Program Files\SureLock\supupd.exe”;
proc1.StartInfo.Arguments = “/changepwd ” + oldPassword + ” “+ newPassword ;
proc1 .Start();

In future we will add more options to let applications change other SureLock settings, like adding and removing “approved” applications.

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