Mobilization of enterprises on the rise in 2011

Recent reports suggest that the IT managers in companies have started to promote and adopt mobile technologies for activities other than email and internet browsing. Deployment of line-of-business applications on mobile devices are on the rise among many enterprises. And these applications just don’t introduce mobility in new processes. There are always gaps in the traditional business processes that can be overcome by going mobile.

Mobility surely is a solution to many problems but a good concept must to supported by proper deployment. Enterprises are taking up this mobility challenge by focusing on the following aspects:

1. Understanding mobility lifecycle management process
2. Careful selection of business processes that can benefit from the use of mobile technologies.
3. Building mobility deployment expertise in the in-house team or by hiring from outside.
4. Careful selection of the mobile technologies (hardware and software). This depends a lot on the business process requirements, budget and expertise to manage those technologies.
5. Developing security policies to ensure critical and sensitive business data is not compromised when it’s moving around on the employee’s mobile devices.
6. Deciding which MDM (mobile device management) solution to use for effective management of mobile device population in the company.

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