How can I remotely delete files on my Android tablet or smartphones?

You might have a need to delete files or folders on multiple Android phones or tablets. It becomes even more challenging if you don’t have physical access to the devices. In either case, you might want to delete the files with minimum work.

SureMDM allows you to remotely execute Linux commands on Android devices. You can create a script job and deploy the job on all devices remotely with a single click.

Once the job is created, you can select all the device and apply this job to them. SureMDM will make sure that the job is pushed to the devices as and when they come online.

Delete files and folders on remote Android devices

Delete files and folders on remote Android devices

Script job for deleting files will look something like:

rm /sdcard/myfolder/myapp.apk where /sdcard/myfolder/myapp.apk is the full path of the file to be deleted.

Just like rm command, other Linux commands can similarly be executed on remote devices.


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