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The History of VR: 5 Eras Of Evolving A New Reality

Virtual reality (VR), which uses head-mounted displays to simulate the experience of being in a virtual world, has found a place for itself in the home and in industry. Given that modern VR relies on cutting-edge technology to function, you might be surprised  to learn that VR has a long history that predates modern computing.…

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5 Ways that VR evolves business as we know it

Virtual reality (VR), or using a head-mounted display to simulate the experience of being in a virtual world, is more than just a way to consume media. Adding VR head-mounted displays (HMDs) to pre-existing networks of devices might seem like a daunting task, but the potential benefits are great. Let’s consider some methods that VR-savvy…

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How Virtual Reality Is Being Used In Enterprises

“More than 150 companies in multiple industries, including 52 of the Fortune 500, are testing or have deployed AR/VR solutions”. – Deloitte Insights Virtual reality has moved beyond gaming and entertainment and entered the mainstream. Big companies are now testing and deploying this technology for multiple purposes. Companies see a lot of potential in VR,…

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