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Capture device screenshots with SureLock Studio

Aug 05, 2009 | 42Gears Team

SureLock Studio has a pretty nice feature which can be quite useful during troublehooting problems on the device. If the application on the device is not behaving as expected in kiosk mode, you can capture the screenshot and send it to the tech support. Not all Windows Mobile devices are exactly same (read “OEM differentiations”) or we might not have access to your business application. A nice screen capture can help tech support team to work on the issue and hopefully provide a quicker solution.

Steps to capture the device screen shot:

  • Setup ActiveSync connection between Windows Mobile device and the desktop PC.
  • Launch SureLock Studio on the desktop.
  • Go to Tools -> Remote Manager.
  • Click Capture Screen button on the Remote Manager screen.
  • In a few moments you will see screenshot of the device screen as below. Click Save As button to save the file.
Windows Mobile Screen Capture by SureLock Studio

Windows Mobile Screen Capture by SureLock Studio

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