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42Gears introduces EMM features to manage iOS devices using SureMDM

SureMDM has been the choice of numerous organisations to secure, monitor, and manage corporate-owned mobile devices. Now these security and management features are extended to iOS devices as well. 42Gears now introduces SureMDM Nix Agent and EMM features which are specifically developed for iPhones and iPads. These EMM features can make enterprises be mobility ready in just a…

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Troubleshoot SureMDM Nix Offline Issue on Xiaomi MI devices

There are some cases when enrolled Xiaomi MI mobile devices go offline on SureMDM Web Console even when the device has internet connectivity. This could be because of how Xiaomi MI mobile devices behave. When an application is dismissed from the screen and pushed to the background, these devices are programmed to kill the application…

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