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Mac devices are positively gaining ground in the enterprise field, with large number of companies preferring Macs over other counterparts as corporate use devices. However, till recently, managing Macs hasn’t been always been easy. Thankfully, with Apple’s Device Enrollment Program, deployment, device configuration, security and support of macOS has become easier.

SureMDM uses DEP program to enroll, provision and manage macOS entire lifecycle from a central console.

Device Management

Remotely manage and secure your Macs
Mac Management - Quick Enrollment

Quick Enrollment
Over-the-air device enrollment, bulk enrollment using Apple DEP

Mac Management - Device Provisioning

Device Provisioning
Define profile restrictions for device functionalities

Mac Management - Device Security

Device Security
Remotely wipe and lock devices

Mac Management - Location Tracking

Location Tracking
Track devices remotely

App Management

Manage applications being used on Macs
Mac Management - Whitelist Blacklist Applications

Whitelist/Blacklist Applications
Restrict user access to only certain apps on Macs and block access to the rest

Wi-Fi Configuration

Manage Wi-Fi connectivity for Macs
Selective Wi-Fi Connectivity

Selective Wi-Fi Connectivity
Enable automatic connection to selective Wi-Fi networks

Exchange ActiveSync

Synchronize data with Exchange mailboxes
Mac Management - ActiveSync

Reconcile Data
Synchronize mail, calendar, contacts, and tasks with Microsoft Exchange Server

Mail Configuration

Configure mail for profile deployed on device
Mac Management - Mail Configuration

Manage Mail Accounts
Operate mail on Mac without remembering
login credentials every time