SureMDM Nix Agent for Windows - Past Releases

Version 3.755th December 2018
1. Improvements
Version 3.749th October 2018
1. Improvements
Version 3.731st October 2018
1. Improvements
Version 3.7221st September 2018
1. Added OAuth Support for device enrollment.
2. Added support for installation of appx applications.
Version 3.6820th August 2018
1. Windows Store for Business integration with SureMDM.
2. Password for Nix setting on Windows devices.
3. Monitoring of CPU usage on Windows devices.
4. Import/Export settings in Windows Nix Agent
5. Remote support for File manager on Windows like E: or F: drive.
Version 3.669th July 2018
1. SCEP / Certificate Policy For Windows
2. Analytics data support in Nix Windows
Version 3.5925th May 2018
1. Improvements
Version 3.545th May 2018
1. Whitelisting of URL for Windows
2. Script to change device Wallpaper for Windows devices
3. Improvements
Version 3.5114th April 2018
1. User Management Template
2. Help Video Managements Enhancements
3. Improvements
Version 3.4421st Feburary 2018
1. Setup Proxy on Windows 10 devices using SureMDM
2. Improvements
Version 3.4310th Feburary 2018
1. CTRL+ALT+DEL command to switch out of Kiosk
2. Improvements
Version 3.409th December 2017
1. Ability to edit device name in the grid.
2. Memory Usage and Build number columns will be displayed in the device grid.
3. Runscript to block and enable USB blocking.
4. Runscript to create new user and change password.
5. New indicator added to show upload in progress in job status column.
6. New sorting of devices according to connection security, Lockdown security, Online status.
7. Job folder and device group permissions will also be exported along with Import/Export permissions.
8. Preapprove to show the count of devices; number of devices allowed and blocked device.
9. Deploy Wifi configuration job for windows device.
10. Improvements
Version 3.3625th November 2017
1. Disable uninstall option for system apps
2. Folder with Job indication
3. Pre-approved devices: Give option to enable/disable one or more devices in the list
4. Move device to another folder as a job
5. Change User Password for the User in User Management
6. Disable a Sub-User in User Management
7. Deep Thought Improvements
8. Improvements
Version 3.3413th October 2017
1. Improvements
Version 3.2723rd September 2017
1. Block data usage with new telecom management feature.
2. Improvements
Version 3.2421st August 2017
1. New File Store (EFFS) features
2. Improvements
Version 3.1912th July 2017
1. Improvements
Version 3.176th June 2017
1. Improvements
Version 3.063rd May 2017
1. Windows File Store
2. Improvements
Version 3.0114th Apr 2017
1. Remote support for Windows
2. Improvements
Version 2.8016th Dec 2016
1. Improvements
Version 2.7827th Jun 2016
1. Improvements
Version 2.7431st Mar 2016
1. Improvements
Version 2.7330th Mar 2016
1. Improvements
Version 2.7124th Jul 2014
1. Improvements