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SureMDM Introduces Advanced Patch Management Solution for Windows Devices

apr 02, 2024 | Nareddy Saivikas Reddy

Windows devices are central to many work ecosystems, accounting for a significant portion of computers in use. In fact, there's a good chance (around 72%) that you're reading this on a Windows machine. Businesses benefit from the wide range of Windows devices available, from basic to high-end, to suit their diverse needs. However, ensuring these devices function optimally and remain secure throughout their lifespan is crucial. As such, when the Windows device fleet is large, it becomes increasingly difficult for the IT admins to ensure that enterprise devices remain secure against the latest cybersecurity threats. 

For instance, let's consider that Alex (for illustration purposes only), an IT administrator, has been tasked with ensuring that all Windows devices within his organization are up-to-date with the latest software and OS updates. Manually updating the patches on hundreds of devices is next to impossible, and he must carefully select the correct patches for each device. Uninstalling or reverting Windows patches may not always be possible. Unpatched vulnerabilities leave the system open to attacks, allowing hackers to steal corporate data and infect the network with malware. Considering the impacts of unpatched vulnerabilities, leaving the devices unpatched is not an option. Given the situation, Alex would need a centralized system to streamline the Windows patching process, with the following capabilities:

1. Continuously scan the Microsoft Catalog for newly released patches and vulnerabilities. Once identified, add them to the repository for validation and approval.
2. Scan devices to identify those eligible for software and OS updates.
3. Approve the patches to eligible devices.
4. Provide an overview of the patch status and distribution.

Having a robust patch management solution is not only critical for maintaining system integrity and security, but it is also a key compliance requirement for Information Security frameworks such as ISO 27001, HIPAA, and PCI DSS, etc. 

Are you an IT admin like Alex, looking for a seamless patch management solution for managing patches on Windows devices? Then no look no further than SureMDM!

In this blog, we will explain more about Windows patch management and how SureMDM can ease the IT admin’s burden in managing software and OS updates. 

What is Windows Patch Management?

Windows patch management is a process of identifying, verifying, and deploying OS updates (patches) for Windows-based devices. These updates address security vulnerabilities, fix bugs, and improve system performance. Patch management goes beyond simply deploying updates. It involves ensuring the installation of the correct version, verifying their status, and confirming the continued smooth operation of patched devices.

Simplify Windows Patch Management with SureMDM

Well, with SureMDM you do not have to invest in a separate patch management solution. In addition to offering a range of features, SureMDM can also act as a Patch management solution. 

Streamline your Patch Management Process

SureMDM has now consolidated Windows software updates and patch management under a dedicated OS updates section on the SureMDM console to enhance user experience. 

To make the experience hassle-free, SureMDM continuously identifies new patches and patches that address vulnerabilities. The identified patches are then added to the repository for validation and approval. The SureMDM device agent (Nix agent) scans eligible devices for Windows patching, helping the admins to effortlessly identify and deploy correct updates on the devices. Patches can be downloaded from Microsoft servers or from cache servers or even from peers in the same network or office, if available, to save bandwidth.

Get a Complete Picture of your Patch Installations

Admins can gather insights on installed/available patches and the date on which the patches were made available at a device level. SureMDM offers a comprehensive overview section which allows IT admins to gather detailed insights on missing, pending, and installed updates and take actions accordingly. 

You can get insights like: 

  • Patch Status: This chart visually represents the distribution of patches across all devices. With this, you can identify the gap between installed and missing patches at a glance.
  • Patch Distribution: This chart illustrates the distribution of patches across different classifications, such as quality updates, security updates, and feature updates. It provides valuable insights into the types of patches applied and their current statuses (installed or pending) for each category.
  • Patches Pending: See the trend of pending installations over a specified period (default: 30 days) to notice any patterns in the installation process. 

With the Overview table, you can view the list of patches (by Microsoft) confirmed as available and deployable by the SureMDM Agent.

Uninstalling Patches Made Quicker and Simpler

With the Uninstall patch feature, SureMDM can now automatically detect patches that are uninstallable and help you boost productivity by rolling back patches that hamper your application performance or end-users productivity.

Ensuring Patch Compliance Across All Devices

SureMDM lets admins configure compliance policies based on the Windows OS version. These policies can automatically take actions such as applying jobs, blocking devices, or locking them when devices fall out of compliance with the defined rules. This ensures all devices remain compliant with the organization's security standards.


To summarize, with the latest enhancements, SureMDM helps IT admins to streamline  Windows software and OS updates, ensuring that devices run on the latest versions. This not only helps identify and mitigate patch vulnerabilities but also strengthens the organization's overall security posture.

Patch Management made easy for
Windows devices with SureMDM

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