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Lenovo Recognizes 42Gears with the Win-Win Cooperation Award

aug 17, 2021 | 42Gears Team

Lenovo is a leading brand offering a range of tablets, laptops, smartphones, and other innovative products for commercial as well as enterprise purposes. 42Gears, Lenovo’s global strategic partner since 2016, has worked closely together with Lenovo to develop best-in-class mobility solutions to cater to various business needs. Thanks to the exceptional work done by our technology and partnership teams, Lenovo onboarded 42Gears as an official MDM vendor of Lenovo’s Tablet Business Unit division in 2018. This year, in 2021, Lenovo has recognized 42Gears with the Win-Win Cooperation award.

What the Award Means and Why Did 42Gears Receive It

The Win-Win Cooperation award by Lenovo is the culmination of 42Gears’ efforts to provide world-class device management solutions for Lenovo tablets. It symbolizes 42Gears’ contributions over the course of the longstanding association between the two companies. Over the years, we have delighted many customers together with our combined solution offerings. Moreover, we are pleased that the benefits of our partnership program have allowed us to grow our respective businesses in tandem as we worked together to solve critical mobility issues. 42Gears helps customers provision, monitor and secure Lenovo business tablets, making it easy for firms to quickly deploy these devices. Further, customers can leverage the SureMDM Enterprise Store to push apps and update app versions onto Lenovo tablets. By controlling device screens remotely, and repairing devices faster, customers can save on truck roll costs and minimize device downtime. SureMDM also allows IT teams to remotely configure kiosk mode and monitor data usage. These features translate into multiple benefits such as faster ROI, improved productivity and better employee compliance with corporate security policies. 

42Gears also received this award in part due to the excellent customer support that it offered during its longstanding relationship with Lenovo. The award also reflects the unique contributions made by 42Gears around-the-world and recognizes 42Gears’ consistent assistance for troubleshooting and controlling devices remotely.

How Does It Impact Our Customers

The Win-Win Cooperation Award reflects 42Gears’ ability to deliver a one-stop-shop for mobility solutions. Moreover, it also brings the promise of a brilliant future. Customers can expect innovative and high quality mobility solutions addressing future customer and employee needs.

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