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IoT And EMM – A Match Made In Heaven

jan 11, 2019 | 42Gears Team

New Banner IoT and EMM A Match Made in Heaven

The Internet of Things has changed the way organizations conduct business. Enterprise mobility, too, is evolving as a result, enabling users to collaborate better through various mobile, wearable and connected devices. But,  how does IoT and enterprise mobility working in tandem impact enterprises the world over?

Mobility increases connectivity, thus improving employee productivity and operational efficiency. Also, in the business context, IoT-enabled devices rely on enterprise mobility for connectivity and data analytics. Thus, these two technologies working in conjunction optimize processes and enable better decision-making, both in terms of strategy and  marketing.

Although IoT-enabled devices help organizations do business better, managing large numbers of connected devices can be difficult for IT admins. That’s where Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) comes in. EMM helps troubleshoot device issues and handle requests. In short, IoT and EMM work better together than they do in isolation – they present the perfect case of symbiosis. As for businesses, this translates to better cost-effectiveness and increased revenues.

Precisely why, IT pros are using both these technologies together to handle the rising influx of mobile and wearable devices within corporate networks. Additionally, here are the benefits of these technologies in sync:

  • Availability: an array of mobile, wearable and connected devices that allow users to stay connected and collaborate in real time and access information for decision-making
  • Decision-Making: access to business-critical data on-the-go for informed decision-making and better issue-handling
  • Reporting: remote systems updates and real-time performance monitoring
  • Optimization: improving processes by devising better strategies based on big data analytics

However, despite these technologies complementing each other, the cost-benefit analysis of centralizing IoT within any EMM strategy does involve considerations regarding implementation, security, device loss, privacy and energy consumption.

As we inch closer to a world of astounding digital possibilities, we’ll see more and more devices being ingrained with IoT. In the near future, we could even witness both IoT and EMM being used in sync to transform business models digitally and provide newer ways of interacting with stakeholders. AI might also be added to the mix to bring in the advantage of contextualization.

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