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Block users from running unallowed applications on Samsung Galaxy Tabs

Oct 24, 2011 | 42Gears Team

So your company has decided to give away tablets like Samsung Galaxy Tab to the employees to use for business purposes only. Well… you may be in for a surprise. As soon as they lay their hands on the tablets, the users are going to head straight to Android Market and start downloading cool free games and other applications. Soon the devices will be full of useless applications resulting in all sorts of trouble for you (performance degradation, maintenance issues etc). Moreover, if the tablet has a data plan, downloading such applications can cost your company lots of money in form of data charges.

Android Device Deployment for Field Workforce without a Lockdown Solution

With Lockdown Solution like SureLock

SureLock is an Android lockdown tool. Locking down means you can individually lock the installed applications, disable the user from installing new applications and even from browsing internet. You can also personalize and brand the home screen of the device with corporate logo or your own wallpaper to give an official look to the devices.

Android Device Deployment for Field Workforce with SureLock

Note: If you want to restrict users to browse only certain allowed websites and nothing else, take a look at SureFox.

To Know more about SureLock, visit https://www.42gears.com/surelock/

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