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AstroStatus: Keep Your Customers Informed during Downtime and Unexpected Service Failures

aug 14, 2023 | 42Gears Team

Today, businesses heavily rely on technology to deliver seamless services to their customers. However, most businesses encounter occasional service disruptions and unexpected service failures. Such unplanned disruptions and outages make it difficult for incident communication teams to communicate these outages to customers. And this adversely affects customer experience.

To tackle this challenge head-on, companies are increasingly adopting incident communication solutions like AstroStatus.

In this blog, we will explore how AstroStatus empowers businesses to keep their customers informed during downtime and unexpected service failures.

Introducing AstroStatus

AstroStatus is a comprehensive incident communication solution that’s designed to inform customers about downtime and service failures in real-time. AstroStatus acts as a central hub for incident management teams to provide status updates, share incident details, and communicate with customers during such events.

A Proactive approach

AstroStatus enables businesses to adopt a proactive approach to communicating with their customers. Rather than waiting for customers to discover the issue themselves, AstroStatus allows companies to send automated notifications and alerts to end users, providing timely information about the incident, expected resolution time, and any workarounds available.

Transparency and Clarity

Customers appreciate transparency when it comes to service disruptions. AstroStatus provides a clear and concise overview of ongoing incidents, including their impact and severity. By providing accurate and up-to-date information, customers can better understand the situation and adjust their expectations accordingly.

Incident Resolution Updates

AstroStatus keeps customers updated on the progress of incident resolution, and the estimated time to resolution. Such information reassures customers that the issue is being actively addressed, reducing anxiety and frustration.

Key Features of AstroStatus

1. Status Pages

Status page is a customer-facing page that displays the current status of planned maintenance activities and outages. The status page can be customized to show the system’s current status. Customers can subscribe to updates via email and view the current stats of each service and incident history. Status pages can be subscriber-centric, private, or public.

Incident communication teams can create a unique look for the page by including the company's logo, iconography, color scheme, and page information. Additionally, admins can notify your subscribers via personalized email.  

Using AstroStatus' customizable status pages, incident management teams can broadcast real-time service information, reduce the number of support tickets, ensure transparency, and ultimately win customer trust.

2. Alerts and Notifications

With AstroStatus, incident management teams can send emails with real-time updates to subscribers, and refresh the status page with updated information. Admins can also establish rules for when subscribers should receive updates. 

3. Subscriber Management

AstroStatus simplifies subscriber management by helping incident management teams to import large volumes of subscriber data using CSV files or from local storage. It also allows them to add subscribers to status pages so users can receive notifications about incidents and maintenance activities.  

4. Incident Management and Scheduled Maintenance

With AstroStatus, incident management teams can create/update incidents, plan maintenance, and alert subscribers for individual projects as required. It also helps IT admins to go back and change the real resolution time and date for earlier events.

5. Component Management

AstroStatus allows incident communication teams to create components (services or microservices of your system), subcomponents, and group pertinent components together for every individual project.

6. User Group and Member Management

AstroStatus helps manage projects better by allowing incident communication teams to invite participants to a particular project, and assign roles such as "Project Manager" or "Project Admin”.

How AstroStatus Empowers Incident Management Teams

By leveraging AstroStatus, incident management teams can ensure transparency, provide timely updates, and actively engage with their end users during incidents. This proactive approach empowers incident communication teams to minimize any negative impact on customer experience, and also strengthen the trust and loyalty customers have for the brand.

AstroStatus empowers incident communication teams through the following capabilities:

  • Proactive communication: By alerting all end users in advance of scheduled maintenance, incident communication teams can lower support costs and the number of support inquiries.
  • Transparency: By showing historical uptime and current system data on the AstroStatus page, businesses can improve client trust.
  • SLA Adherence: By promptly updating issues on the AstroStatus portal, incident communication teams can adhere to SLAs.
  • Reducing troubleshooting timelines and effort: By never letting the team miss a crucial alert, and start working on solutions right away, maintaining dependability and credibility with end users.
  • Custom branding on status pages: Incident communication teams can also include the company’s logo and brand colors on the status page for maintaining brand consistency.


AstroStatus is a powerful incident communication solution that empowers businesses to inform their customers about service downtime and unexpected service failures. By leveraging AstroStatus, companies can ensure transparency, provide timely updates, and actively engage with their customers during incidents. 

This proactive approach to incident communication not only minimizes the impact on the customer experience, but also strengthens the trust and loyalty customers have for the brand. In an age where transparency and reliable communication are paramount, AstroStatus makes for an indispensable tool for businesses striving to keep their customers informed and satisfied, even during challenging times.

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