42Gears featured in Gartner Research Report

42Gears SureLock features in Gartner Research Report published in April 2016 as a notable solution for enterprises to secure and control mobile devices for manageability and operational efficiency.

In its latest report on challenges and opportunities faced by EMM providers in specific geographies, Gartner cites SureLock from 42Gears as a kiosk-mode application for achieving greater control over data collection and data security.

It is worthwhile to note that SureLock stands out amongst solutions provided by other EMM vendors in its ability to fully control and completely lockdown mobile devices. Gartner also mentions that SureLock has a purpose built launcher that does not depend on device APIs.

As per the report, the EMM market is poised for growth the world over and the business environment presents unique opportunities and challenges for both global and local EMM providers. Ensuring device security, manageability and operational efficiency are some of the major challenges. Most of the organizations and state-owned enterprises that require greater control over data collection, prefer Corporate-Owned, Business-Only (COBO) device ownership model. They require a comprehensive and robust device lockdown solution that is easy to implement and manage.

SureLock along with SureMDM completes the spectrum of enterprise mobility and security that is much needed in COBO space. 42Gears products are used by thousands of small and medium businesses (SMBs) around the world to secure and manage a wide variety of mobile devices.

The complete report can be viewed here.


About 42Gears

42Gears Mobility Systems is based in Fremont, California and provides multi-platform mobile device management solutions that help companies deploy, configure, manage and secure enterprise mobile devices. Over 6000 customers across 102 countries use 42Gears products for managing and securing thousands of mobile devices.