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Differences between SureFox Basic and SureFox Pro

Dic 05, 2012 | 42Gears Team

Two variants of SureFox for Android are available –SureFox Basic and SureFox Pro. There are a few important differences between SureFox Basic and SureFox Pro. Choice to use either of them depends on the actual requirements.

First things first, the basic functionality of SureFox as a locked web browser is present in both the variants of SureFox. You can configure your set of allowed web sites as well as the browsing preferences and display settings too.

Coming to the differences, the Basic version of SureFox runs just like any other app on your Android device. As a result, if a user taps on Home button on the device, he will be able to navigate back to the Home screen. Hence, if you want to use your device for accessing other apps together with SureFox, SureFox Basic version is what you need. You might want to use a lock down app such as SureLock to prevent end-users from accessing unallowed applications.

SureFox Pro has additional features which allows you to run it in kiosk mode by setting it as default Homescreen Application. When the kiosk mode is enabled, the user cannot exit from SureFox using Home button. Also, you can configure SureFox Pro to prevent launch of unallowed apps, dismiss system notifications as well as allow toolbar applications automatically without the need of any 3rd party applications. Hence if you need a kiosk mode lock down web browser, SureFox Pro is recommended for you.

Following is a brief-up of the differences:

Main Features SureFox Basic SureFox Pro
Allow Selective Websites
Allow/ Restrict Downloads
Tabbed Browsing
Enable/Disable Zoom
Change/Set Screen Orientation
Use you own wallpaper
Import Export Settings
Enable Plugin Support
Restrict Access to Home Screen using Home Button Х
Restrict use of other applications Х
Run SureFox in Kiosk Mode Х
Disable System Bar Х
Disable Notifictation Panel Х
Enable SureFox Toolbar Х
Enable Toolbar Applications Х

To know more about other features of SureFox, click here

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