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Why some SureMDM features stopped working after I upgraded my Nix Agent?

Jan 21, 2015 | 42Gears Team

Applies to:
Product All Andriod Products
Platform Android

42Gears’s products have certain advanced features which require superuser privileges and work only on rooted devices. We recommend SuperSU, for superuser access management on android devices.

Unfortunately in latest release of SuperSU app, it revokes superuser permission for an application if an update to that application is installed. Once this happens, the application no longer has superuser privileges and few of its features might stop working. To overcome this user has to manually launch SuperSU and grant superuser access to that application again.

If you don’t want to manually grant access every time you install an application update, there is an option in SuperSU to specify to remember permissions even after an update.

Follow below mentioned process to enable this option:

1. Launch SuperSU















2. Tap on Settings tab


3. Under Settings tab, uncheck the Re-authentication option


Once this option is disabled, you don’t have to manually access SuperSU and grant permission every time an update for the application is installed.

You can also create a Run Script job in SureMDM and remotely push it to the device before upgrading Nix Agent.

Run Script Command for the job: reauthenticateSuperSu(false)

To learn how to create a Run Script Job, click here


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