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Android Kiosk Video Player | SureVideo adds feature to customize home page using html

Feb 04, 2014 | 42Gears Team

Applies to:
Product SureVideo
Platform Android

SureVideo recently added album view to lock down your android device to a desktop like User Interface. Album view shows few allowed video thumbnails which users can select and view.

This feature has now been extended. Instead of default thumbnail view, a custom designed html page can be displayed. This html page can be designed and themed by you to show your brand and icons. You can instruct SureVideo to launch a specific allowed video from your html page using the following Javascript API.

window.surevideo.launch (‚<file_path>‘);

album view with HMTL page

Instructions to enable the custom html view in SureVideo are as follows:

1. Download SureVideo

2. Create an HTML file with links to  images/videos/flash files  and save it in your device (sample)

Note : Use window.surevideo.launch (‚file path‘); Javascript api to launch the file.

3. Launch SureVideo

4. Access SureVideo Settings’s Main Menu

5. Tap on SureVideo Settings

6. Under Display Settings, tap on Album Settings

7. Under Album Settings, tap and enable Enable Album View

8. Tap on Enable Custom Layout

9. Tap on Select Custom Layout File to browse and select the HTML File

10. Tap on Done to complete

After this, return to SureVideo main screen. You will see that the HTML file with links to the specified media files will be displayed in kiosk mode.

For any further questions, contact us on techsupport@42gears.com

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