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42Gears Is Now An Android Enterprise Gold Partner

Mai 29, 2024 | 42Gears Team

We're delighted to announce that 42Gears has been officially recognized as an Android Enterprise Gold Partner. This achievement coincides perfectly with our 15th-anniversary milestone, adding another feather to the cap of the 42Gears team.

About the Android Enterprise Partner Program

Google designed the Android Enterprise Partner Program to help businesses confidently choose and deploy reliable Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) that meets their custom requirements. This program validates that our mobility management solutions fully support the Android Enterprise standard and advanced features.

What 42Gears achieving Gold Partner status means for our valued customers

Earning the Android Enterprise Gold Partner badge is a big milestone for 42Gears! This achievement also means that our flagship MDM offering SureMDM has been recognized by Google for providing advanced, up-to-date Android Enterprise management features. 

We have surpassed Google's rigorous standards across three key core competencies:

  • Partner Expertise:

    Demonstrating proficiency in sales and technical training, customer engagement, and exceptional customer support.
  • Product Excellence:

    Showcasing the successful implementation of advanced Android Enterprise features and technical solutions.
  • Performance:

    Verifying a proven track record of success in the EMM marketplace.

By achieving Gold Partner status, 42Gears offers you the following benefits:

  • Trusted Partnership:

    You can be confident knowing you're working with a vendor that meets Google's advanced criteria for domain expertise, product knowledge, and customer service.
  • Confident Purchase Decisions:

    The Android Enterprise team has validated the solutions we offer so you can be rest assured you are receiving a robust and secure EMM solution.
  • Unmatched Tech Support:

    Our Gold Partner status guarantees access to comprehensive technical support so you can focus on your core business goals while we handle any technical challenges that you might come across.

In essence, partnering with an Android Enterprise Gold Partner like 42Gears guarantees you exceptional product quality, top-tier customer service, and unparalleled support. This recognition from Google highlights our commitment to providing our customers with the best possible Android device management solutions.

Ready to take the next step?

Write to us at sales@42gears.com today to start your device management journey with 42Gears, an Android Enterprise Gold Partner. 

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