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Case Study - Field Services

42Gears Helps Southern Star Mobilize Its Field Workforce

When Providing Reliable Repairs, Southern Star Relies on 42Gears

Business Overview

Southern Star Inc. is the largest American regional service provider for a major American satellite television provider.

This provider’s customers in the American South can rely on Southern Star to install, upgrade, and repair Dish Network equipment, or install high-speed Internet.

Background and Challenges

Southern Star’s large fleet of devices, and the range of complex jobs for which they are used, posed some logistical problems for Southern Star.

southern star inc

Industry :  Field Services

Location : Southern US (Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, and New Mexico)

Product : SureMDM by 42Gears

Operating System :  Android

  1. The company found that manually setting up devices for the first time was time-consuming and difficult, as each device needed to have the right policies and settings in place. 
  2. Keeping devices updated and secure was time-consuming and tiring; given the huge number of active devices, the company could not rely on each worker to do the proper updates themselves.
  3. Given the large device fleet size, Southern Star had difficulty keeping track of each device’s location, which became an issue when workers lost their devices. 
  4. When devices malfunctioned, workers would need to return devices to headquarters, or do remote troubleshooting over the phone; both options were inefficient.

The Solution

SureMDM by 42Gears

42Gears had the tools Southern Star needed to overcome its challenges with device management. 

42Gears helped Southern Star implement SureMDM, the 42Gears device management solution. SureMDM improved Southern Star’s operations in a number of ways:

  1. Using SureMDM, Southern Star could establish settings and policies on a central console that could quickly be pushed to new devices, making the initial set-up process much easier. 
  2. SureMDM allowed Southern Star to fully manage devices remotely, including pushing apps and app updates to every device at once.
  3. If workers lost devices, Southern Star could track device location, and even remotely lock or wipe devices if necessary. 
  4. SureMDM’s remote troubleshooting functionality allowed IT admins to view and control devices from the central SureMDM console, even when devices were in-the-field.


Deploying and managing devices now costs only half as much as it did prior to adopting SureMDM.

  1. Southern Star can now deploy devices much more quickly, letting them see a faster ROI on new devices they purchase. 
  2. Using SureMDM’s remote management capabilities has doubled Southern Star’s overall efficiency and productivity. 
  3. By keeping track of devices, Southern Star is able to better secure its device fleet. 
  4. Repairing devices remotely has saved Southern Star time and money, as reflected in the company’s improved efficiency and productivity.


“If you want the best MDM software on the market then look no further than 42Gears. The support is excellent, software and dashboard work great, the remote control ability is awesome. All around an A+ for this team.”

- Nathan Sterling,
  Network Administrator
  Southern Star, Inc.