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Case Study - Field Services

TrackForce Finds a Smart Way to Manage and Secure its Business Devices with 42Gears UEM Banner

TrackForce Finds a Smart Way to Manage and Secure its Business Devices with 42Gears UEM


Business Overview

Trackforce is an advanced workforce management platform provider that helps companies/organizations/enterprises to manage, monitor and automate security officer operations. Trusted by more than 20,000 organizations around the globe, TrackForce’s solution helps increase workforce accountability, improve operational efficiency and enable better communication between all stakeholders.

TrackForce security officers are armed with m-Post, a mobile app which helps them keep up with tasks and guard tours. The app helps the company ensure officers’ accountability, improve operational efficiency and enable better communication between officers and corporate security management. It also helps the company track guards in real-time, ensure transparency by getting more insights into workforce productivity and incentivize high performers.

The Challenge

1. De-centralized management of the devices: Streamlining officer operations and patrols was difficult due to the lack of a central dashboard.

2. Misuse of devices: As the devices issued to guards were all off-the-shelf devices, TrackForce wanted to ensure that they are only being used to access business applications.

3. Difficulty in deploying the business application: TrackForce had to deploy a huge number of devices with their business application installed on them, which was a time-consuming and cumbersome task.

4. Servicing the mobile devices were inconvenient and costly: Whenever a device broke down, the company had to transport it to the service center.


Industry: Field Services

Location of Deployment: France

Licenses: 5000-10000 devices

Devices: CAT S41 and SAMSUNG

Operating System: Android

Solution: 42Gears UEM

The Solution

TrackForce approached 42Gears with its challenges and requirements. They found 42Gears UEM to be a simple and user-friendly solution.

Solution Details


42Gears offered the following features to TrackForce:

1. Remote Management: 42Gears UEM console’s dashboard provides TrackForce with a centralized view of all devices.

2. Single App Mode: Whitelisting only their business application and locking devices ensured that the workers had  access to only one application with no opportunities of device misuse.

3. Mass Deployment: Enables the company to configure a large number of devices with business apps and desired settings within minutes.

4. Install Applications: The install application job helps the company install and update business application/s on workers’ devices remotely.

5. Configure Jobs: The configure jobs feature helps the company remotely push jobs on devices.

6. Remote Support: Remote access option allows them to troubleshoot devices remotely without bringing it to the service center.


1. Incidents of technical breakdown have significantly reduced, which in turn, has reduced after sale customer service issues.

2. TrackForce is able to efficiently manage and control device features remotely.


1. The overall efficiency increased by 80%.

2. The overall user productivity improved by 100%.

3. TrackForce saved 20% on the cost of IT infrastructure management.


“42Gears have a good response rate. However, it will be good to have a support and purchase service for France.”

                                                                                                                                      - Abitol, Support Director, TrackForce