The Ōnin Group improves efficiency by 100% with 42Gears UEM

Case Study – Staffing Services

The Ōnin Group improves efficiency by 100% with 42Gears UEM-01

The Ōnin Group improves efficiency by 100% with 42Gears UEM

Business Overview

The Ōnin Group is an American staffing solutions company based in Birmingham, Alabama. The company oversees several staffing brands (including Ōnin Staffing and Excelsior Staffing), as well as ventures in capital funding, equipment and supply, and timber. 

Business Case

The Ōnin Group helps its clients find candidates best-suited for jobs in manufacturing, logistics, and other industry sectors. The company relies on Samsung tablets to perform day-to-day recruitment tasks. These tablets are used by both employees and candidates to catalyze the recruitment process, and the company needed a way to secure these devices without compromising their ability to catalyze the recruitment process. To accomplish this, the company needed an endpoint management solution. 


Major challenges faced by The Ōnin Group included:

  1. Provisioning devices in bulk
  2. Ensuring that employees and candidates use business devices for intended purposes only
  3. Keeping track of devices in the field
  4. Remotely troubleshooting devices
  5. Monitoring device health 
  6. Tracking whether devices are online or offline
TheOninGroup Industry:  Staffing Services

Location of Deployment: Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Licenses: 150-200 devices

Devices: Android, Samsung Tablets

Solution: 42Gears UEM

The Solution

The Ōnin Group uses 42Gears UEM for:

  1. Android Zero-Touch Enrollment: This feature allows the IT admin to seamlessly provision multiple tablets at once by pushing Runscript jobs.
  2. Device security and application management: Using this feature, the IT admin can block access to all non-approved apps, device settings, lockdown settings, hardware keys and diagnosis modes (like Safe Mode) to offer the most secure environment.
  3. Centralized management: Administrators can manage all tablets remotely using a single web-based console.
  4. Remote login: Remote support makes it easy for IT admins to troubleshoot all business devices in the field.
  5. Device diagnostics and health monitoring: With this, IT admins can get real-time reports on a range of valuable statistics, including updates on device online/offline status, battery level, storage memory, and data usage. All this information helps the Ōnin Group be proactive at keeping any potential issues at bay.


1. The overall time required to troubleshoot tablets has dropped significantly.

2. The holistic view offered by 42Gears UEM allows the admin to monitor devices easily.


1. Overall efficiency increased by 100%

2. Productivity increased by 75%

3. Support costs reduced by 75%


“42Gears has been a wonderful team to work with. The products offered checked off so many boxes for our application that it was an easy decision for our company. For us, the ability to maintain, track, and monitor our devices in the field is a must-have. The ability to remotely login has saved our IT technicians so much time; it allows us to be proactive vs reactive to problems the field-force faces.”

John Leeper,
IT Support Manager,
The Ōnin Group.