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Case Study - Retail

TD Shop Leverages 42Gears Solutions to Manage PoS Terminals Across Southeast Asia

Business Overview

Td Tawandang, also known as TD Shop, is one of the fastest-growing retail technology companies in Thailand. The company leverages tech-enabled business solutions to unleash local retailers’ potential.


TD Shop has partnered with local retailers in Thailand to digitize the retail operations of over 100,000 mom-and-pop stores across Southeast Asia. It placed PoS machines at these retail stores which enabled them to optimize payment processing and streamline inventory operations. However, many of these devices were in remote locations. So, TD Shop had to quickly find a way through which it could efficiently manage devices and quickly configure business applications within such a large retail network. Some of the challenges that TD Shop faced were-

  • TD Shop did not have a streamlined approach to manage hundreds of devices across Thailand.
  • Provisioning point-of-sale devices with appropriate security policies, settings, and business apps without manually setting up each device was impossible. This was a time-consuming task.
  • TD Shop lacked a tracking mechanism for these devices.
  • There was no way for TD Shop to monitor device activity and generate reports.
  • TD Shop didn't have any means to share important notifications and broadcast alerts to the retailers. This is an important requirement for retailers who need to relay emergency alerts to specific regions/devices remotely.
  • It wasn’t always possible to send a technician on-site to repair a malfunctioning device. This created a delay in the repair process and disrupted business. 
  • As the devices would be deployed in cashier stores and therefore, would be easily accessible to customers or anyone who might enter the store. This would allow anyone to easily tamper with the settings and company policies. 

The Solution

SureMDM and SureLock

TD Shop relies on SureMDM and SureLock by 42Gears for its device management requirements. 

 Using SureMDM, the 42Gears device management solution, and SureLock, the 42Gears device lockdown solution, Td Tawandang has been able to solve its device management challenges.

  • SureMDM provided TD Shop with a centralized view into the status of all its devices, enabling TD Shop to centrally manage the devices. 
  • SureMDM offered application and content features that enabled TD Shop to easily automate the application distribution, installation and wiping processes in all its devices across Thailand. Moreover, SureMDM’s content management features helped TD Shop to deliver multiple content formats to the devices.
  • SureMDM’s location tracking feature helped the company to track these devices at all times.
  • SureMDM allowed TD Shop to control and monitor device activity and generate daily reports.
  • SureMDM’s Alert Message feature enabled TD Shop to broadcast emergency notifications and announcements to various locations on the registered devices. 
  • SureMDM allowed TD Shop’s technicians to repair devices remotely, therefore saving time and money.
  • SureLock locked the devices into kiosk mode, ensuring that nobody could tamper with devices or cause unintended issues.

Industry: Retail

Location: Thailand

Products: SureMDM and SureLock

Operating System: Android 

Model: PoS Machines

Challenges: TD Shop distributed PoS terminals to local retailers in Thailand, but needed a way to manage these devices.


TD Shop came across 42Gears solutions through their business partner, Databar. Databar suggested that TD Shop use SureMDM and SureLock to address their business problems. SureMDM and SureLock simplified PoS device management for TD Shop. While SureMDM provided a way to remotely manage the lifecycle of the applications, track device location, enable alert messaging, and troubleshoot devices, SureLock prevented device tampering.

Results and Benefits

  • TD Shop can now roll out devices much faster than before.
  • 42Gears software allowed TD Shop to remotely manage PoS devices across all locations from a single console.
  • The remote troubleshooting feature enables TD Shop’s technicians to troubleshoot devices faster and get them up and running more quickly.
  • TD Shop has been able to offer a better user experience to its customers.
  • By digitizing retail store operations, retailers can now easily analyze and refill inventory. 
  • Overall efficiency has increased by 90% since working with 42Gears.
  • Overall user productivity has improved by 80% since working with 42Gears.


“Since we started using 42Gears, our company has become more efficient in terms of installing applications. Now, instead of manually installing applications on thousands of devices, 42Gears helps us achieve that much more efficiently, which saves time and effort.”

An IT Support Professional,
TD Shop