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Case Study - Ready-Mix Concrete

Schuster Concrete Bolsters Safety and Efficiency with 42Gears

Schuster Concrete Bolsters Safety and Efficiency with 42Gears

Business Overview

Schuster Concrete is a leading supplier of ready-mix concrete products in the American states of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, and West Virginia, plus Washington DC. Based on each customer’s request, it identifies the appropriate mix of concrete components, combines them in precise proportions via computer, and loads the components into its fleet of concrete mixers. Its employees then drive the mixers to customers’ requested locations, so the concrete is fully mixed by the time they arrive.


The firm provided its drivers with Samsung tablets to navigate and coordinate with customers. Still, these tablets introduced some potential concerns:

  1. Schuster needed to provide access to a few essential work-related apps, but could not afford for drivers to be distracted by other tablet apps.
  2. In a similar vein, the company needed to provide employees with access to specific URLs for the sake of viewing training videos, but did not want drivers to be distracted by anything else on the Internet.
  3. In order to maintain its reputation as a timely and reliable source of ready-mix concrete, the company had to repair malfunctioning tablets right away. This was a challenge, however, when the tablets were out in the field.

The Solution

SureMDM, SureLock, and SureFox by 42Gears

Schuster chose to work with 42Gears to overcome its concerns, as it was impressed with the feature set included with 42Gears products. Schuster specifically implemented SureMDM (the 42Gears device management solution), SureLock (the 42Gears device lockdown solution), and SureFox (the 42Gears kiosk browser lockdown solution).

With SureMDM, SureLock, and SureFox, Schuster succeeded in overcoming the challenges tied to its devices.

  1. Using SureLock, the company locked devices down to show only pre-approved apps. Drivers could not get distracted by any other apps, as they were hidden.
  2. SureFox served as a secure browser for accessing the online training videos. SureFox blocked access to all URLs except those needed for training.
  3. SureMDM’s Remote Control feature let Schuster’s admins access, view, and control devices even while the drivers were on-the-road or in-the-field.

Industry: Ready-Mix Concrete

Location: Owing Mills, Maryland, with a reach extending across the Eastern United States

Products: SureMDM, SureLock, and SureFox

Operating System: Android 

Devices: Samsung Galaxy tablets

Challenges: Schuster Concrete’s employees needed to remain focused on the road while driving concrete mixers, and couldn’t afford to be stuck with malfunctioning devices in-the-field.

Solutions: With SureLock and SureFox, Schuster Concrete locked devices down to only essential apps and URLs for focus. Meanwhile, SureMDM empowered the company to remotely troubleshoot devices, minimizing device downtime.


Schuster Concrete has seen major benefits from implementing 42Gears software:

  1. Thanks to a more focused experience, Schuster’s employees use tablets more efficiently, boosting productivity.
  2. Employees complete trainings more quickly with the restricted browser, letting them get fully trained and ready to work faster for faster ROI.
  3. Admins can rapidly repair devices, cutting potential downtime substantially and improving company-wide efficiency.


42Gears has helped in big ways, especially to troubleshoot our devices remotely. It's easy to use and it incorporates a huge variety of features which have helped us a lot to better manage our devices from phones to tablets and also computers - including the ability to install apps, remove apps, modify lockdown profile, locate lost devices, and more.

We are very happy with all the functionalities and responsiveness of 42Gears software.

JJ Jaquez,
IT Tech, Schuster Concrete.