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Case Study - Transportation

RedTaxi Brings Professionalism To the Road with 42Gears

Business Overview

RedTaxi is a taxi service operating throughout South India, with an emphasis on easy booking and high-quality travel. 

RedTaxi’s flagship vehicles are its signature Red Sedans, but depending on the city, commuters have a range of alternate options, including budget-friendly rides through RedTaxi’s Red Mini and Micro fleets. 

Customers can hail rides via the RedTaxi app; female riders can choose to take Pink by RedTaxi, a unique service which allows only women as both drivers and riders.

Background and Challenges

RedTaxi introduced an app for booking taxi rides, and in order to make sure that drivers could coordinate with riders, RedTaxi deployed tablets in all of its vehicles. 

RedTaxi encountered some unique challenges when considering how best to distribute and manage tablets for drivers.

Industry : Transportation

Location : South India (Headquartered in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India)

Products : SureLock

Challenges : RedTaxi needed to make sure its drivers could learn how to use in-vehicle tablets without being distracted or consuming excessive data.

Solution : SureLock enabled RedTaxi to keep devices restricted to only those apps drivers needed, ensuring they were fully equipped to focus while on the road.

  1. Given that smart device adoption in the company’s region was far from complete, RedTaxi drivers would potentially not be familiar with how to operate tablets.  
  2. On the other hand, if drivers did know how to use tablets, they might commandeer them for their personal use, distracting them and forcing RedTaxi to pay large data-consumption fees. 
  3. RedTaxi would need to manage a large number of devices at once, and if devices experienced issues, in-person repairs would not be possible.


The Solution

SureMDM and SureLock by 42Gears

42Gears had the tools RedTaxi needed to modernize its taxi fleet without complications. RedTaxi especially appreciated the quick customer support 42Gears provided. 42Gears helped RedTaxi implement SureLock, the 42Gears device lockdown solution.

  1. SureLock allowed RedTaxi to restrict driver access to a small number of essential apps. This resulted in a simplified interface that drivers with no prior knowledge could learn easily.
  2. RedTaxi prevented tech-savvy drivers from getting distracted and consuming excess data. RedTaxi achieved this by strategically blocking games and social media apps on its devices with SureLock and password-protecting the SureLock settings menu. 
  3. RedTaxi could easily set up SureLock on every device and push settings changes remotely, keeping every device up-to-date without any in-person contact required.


  1. Drivers quickly adapted to the app-based ride-hailing system, regardless of their prior technical background. 
  2. RedTaxi has been able to keep its data costs under control by blocking non-essential data consumption.  
  3. Securing devices remotely with SureLock has allowed RedTaxi to consistently provide customers with a high-quality experience, helmed by a focused and professional driver


“SureLock offered us a solid platform to lock all deployed devices to a few required applications which are really serving our purpose. SureLock with its numerous features can be easily tailored to our precise needs. The support from 42Gears has been great with quick response to all our queries.”


Manager - Managing Partner,

Eagle Fleets Services [owners and operators of RedTaxi]