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Case Study - Healthcare

Major Medical Tech Manufacturer Partners with 42Gears for Even Better Patient Care

Business Overview

The company (which asked to be unnamed) is one of the largest manufacturers of medical technology in the world. 

It offers technology for all kinds of medical needs, ranging from CT machines to telemedicine solutions.

Background and Challenges

The company offers a patient monitoring solution that relies on the use of tablets. These tablets are attached to patients’ hospital beds and offer a way for both patients and professionals to record key information. 

The tablets needed a device management system for several reasons:

  1. Patients and professionals would sometimes try to use tablets for entertainment or other off-topic purposes, which could harm productivity.
  2. Some patients became overwhelmed with standard tablet interfaces. The company needed a way to simplify the interface to the point it would be usable by everyone. 

Industry : Healthcare

Location : Netherlands, with a global reach. 

Products : SureMDM and SureLock by 42Gears

Challenges : The company needed to keep patient-care tablets secure and functional as they were in high demand from both patients and their caretakers. 

Solution : SureMDM made it easy to remotely track devices for security, and remotely troubleshoot them for easy issue resolution. SureLock made sure only relevant apps were accessible, keeping patients and healthcare professionals on-task.

  1. To ensure devices worked consistently, the company needed a way to monitor key metrics like battery charge. In order to prevent excessive data consumption, the company also needed a way to monitor and restrict data consumption when necessary. 
  2. Given the highly sensitive nature of the data stored on the tablets, it was essential that devices could be tracked and secured, 
  3. If issues occurred or device settings needed to be changed, it was not feasible or safe to bring an expert on-site to each hospital room.

The Solution

SureMDM and SureLock by 42Gears

The company chose to use 42Gears software because the company’s needs aligned perfectly with what 42Gears had to offer. In particular, 42Gears helped the company implement SureMDM, its device management solution, as well SureLock, its device lockdown solution. 

The company overcame its concerns quickly with the help of 42Gears:'

  1. SureLock prevented users from accessing unauthorized apps or device settings. 
  2. SureLock also enabled the company to simplify device interfaces. 
  3. SureMDM monitored and recorded battery charge and other metrics, which admins could then graph and analyze using SureMDM’s analytics functions.
  4. SureMDM also tracked device location, ensuring no one could steal devices or associated medical equipment. If a device was lost, admins could locate the device, and if necessary lock, restart, or wipe it. 
  5. SureMDM included a Remote Control feature that let admins remotely troubleshoot or modify devices without any in-person contact needed.


  1. Productivity improved as tablets could no longer serve as distractions. 
  2. A simpler device interface made devices more accessible for patients of all backgrounds and skill levels. 
  3. By monitoring battery health, admins could detect if devices were starting to perform suboptimally and perform preventative maintenance, saving money and time. 
  4. Improving security bolstered the company’s commitment to keeping patients and their data safe. 
  5. Remote Control troubleshooting allowed the company to troubleshoot devices much more quickly than ever before.