Case Study - Food Delivery

Leading Transportation Network Company, DiDi Chuxing, secures their LATAM Food Delivery wing with 42Gears UEM

Leading Transportation Network Company, DiDi Chuxing, secures their LATAM Food Delivery wing with 42Gears UEM

Business Overview

DiDi Chuxing, a leading Chinese transportation network company, and autonomous technology conglomerate, recently ventured into online food delivery in Mexico. They sign up with local restaurants who are listed in popular food delivery apps and at the same time, provide these restaurants with tablets on which they can receive orders via the DiDi Store app. Customers browse through the restaurant menus and order food through the DiDi Delivery app.

Business Case

DiDi Chuxing provides popular restaurants with a tablet that runs the DiDi Store app. These tablets serve as business devices that receive well-detailed and real-time orders. Restaurants can then accept and place these orders on behalf of customers, which allows them to focus on customer orders rather than worrying about making deliveries. This is a feature-rich, robust and reliable online food ordering system that can make the restaurant business more effortless and profitable.

The Challenge

DiDi Chuxing on-boarded a large number of restaurants on their feature-rich online food delivery platform. They needed a solution that could help them:

1. Quickly configuring a large number of tablets with the DiDi Store app
2. Restrict device usage to only dedicated apps
3. Remotely update apps and content
4. Remote troubleshoot devices out in the field
5. Run reports on their devices

Industry: Food Delivery

Location of Deployment: Latin America

Devices: Lenovo TB-X704L, TB-X304L and TB-X7504L

Operating System: Android

Solution: 42Gears UEM

The Solution

DiDi Chuxing deployed the 42Gears UEM solution on all their devices. The following functionalities proved to be extremely useful:

1. Mass Enrolment feature is used to quickly and easily deploy devices

2. Remote Management helps to centrally manage devices by configuring device settings

3. Remote updating feature helps to push app updates to a large number of devices simultaneously

4. ‘Always-on’ GPS is used to locate devices in real-time

5. Whitelisting applications ensures that deployed tablets are used for business purposes only

6. Custom Reports allows the generation of targeted data points in reports.


42Gears UEM solution helps the company to:

  • Easily provision large numbers of devices
  • Seamlessly manage, monitor and control tablets
  • Secure and track all tablets


1. The overall efficiency increased by 40%.

2. The overall user productivity improved by 50%.

3. The company also saved 15% on the cost of IT infrastructure management.


"We were launching a business that needed huge numbers of devices (tablets), all deployed at our client locations. We needed these devices to be configured based on our requirements, such as limiting the use of the device to a dedicated purpose, battery protection, and so on. Initially, we considered several different solutions to lock down our devices, simplify onboarding and enable remote management. Some of them were time-consuming, others were less economical. Fortunately, we were introduced to the 42Gears UEM solution, which we found helpful.

42Gears UEM is so mature and perfectly met our technical requirements within our budget and the timeframe we had in mind. There are so many features that we did not expect to use but that proved to be very useful to our business, such as customized reports. The on-boarding process was very simple and it was quite easy for us to teach this enrollment method to our local employees. The support offered by the 42Gears UEM team is very impressive, especially because with our kind of requirements, we often needed immediate responses and they provided us with instant support.”

                                                                                                                                                                      - Peter Yang Zhe, Operations Manager, DiDi Mexico