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Case Study - Building Materials/Construction

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Leading Millwork Distributor Harnesses the Full Power of Zebra Rugged Devices with 42Gears SureMDM

Business Overview

A major millwork distributor firm (real name withheld upon request) is one of the largest distributors of custom millwork wooden doors and other products on the United States east coast. The company specializes in building and distributing doors.

The business operates across multiple warehouses (and a specialty high-speed pre-finishing plant), and owns a large fleet of delivery vehicles.

Background and Challenges

The millwork distributor introduced Zebra rugged devices to streamline warehouse operations. For example, these devices helped to track inventory and manage the inflow and outflow of goods. However, managing these devices turned out to be surprisingly difficult.

The company faced several major challenges, including:

  • The tedious process of deploying each device manually.
  • The challenge of tracking down misplaced warehouse devices.
  • The need to ensure device security and compliance with company-mandated best practices.
  • The process of ensuring devices had necessary apps and app versions, and that apps were consistent between devices.
  • The coordination required to regularly update firmware on all devices remotely. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, the firm needed a way to remotely update and reconfigure devices as necessary.

Industry: Building Materials/Construction

Location of Deployment: Several states on the American east coast (including Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New York)

Products: SureMDM by 42Gears

Operating System: Android

Devices: Zebra MC3300, Samsung and Motorola

Challenges: A major millwork distributor needed help in streamlining the deployment and management of rugged devices used in warehouses.

Solution: SureMDM made it easy for the distributor to configure and update devices quickly, troubleshoot devices remotely, and take emergency measures in the event devices were lost or stolen.

The Solution:

SureMDM by 42Gears

The major millwork distributor chose 42Gears to help them, as 42Gears is a partner of Zebra and supports the Zebra StageNow platform for seamless device deployment.

  • With 42Gears’ support for the Zebra StageNow platform, the millwork distributor can deploy Zebra enterprise devices just by scanning barcodes. This has considerably reduced the time needed to enroll devices. 
  • The “Remote Buzz” feature in SureMDM helps employees quickly locate lost devices. If employees lose or misplace devices, admins can use SureMDM to remotely command devices to make noise.
  • The firm uses SureMDM’s Compliance Reports feature to detect whether the OS and apps on each device are fully updated. If updates are needed, SureMDM automatically pushes the appropriate updates to each device. This is especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic when manually checking each device is almost impossible.


  • The company can now deploy devices 20 minutes faster than before.
  • The firm can quickly deploy devices in bulk without re-imaging devices one by one. This helps streamline device management, freeing the IT team to attend to other issues when needed. 
  • Users can track lost devices quickly and easily, making inventory management easier.
  • The company is able to secure its devices more efficiently than ever before, making it much easier to ensure every Zebra device has the proper security and OS updates. 
  • With 42Gears’ help, the company has reduced device downtime and ensured that workers stay safe in the warehouses.


“We worked with 42Gears chat support several times. They are always quick and helpful. They helped us on several occasions and one of them was to get the API working for some custom reporting..”

- David,
 Millwork Distributor.