Case Study - Aviation / Transportation

Indigo Flies High With 42Gears UEM-01

Indigo Flies High With 42Gears UEM

Business Overview

IndiGo is India’s largest low-cost passenger airline with a market share of 49.9% as of April, 2019 . Since inception in August 2006, Indigo has grown from a carrier with one plane to a fleet of 229 aircraft. The airline currently operates flights to 69 destinations - 53 domestic and 16 international.

Business Case

Indigo uses a wide variety of mobile devices, which includes iPads, Samsung tablets, Motorola smartphones and Zebra rugged devices. This fleet of devices is being used in different business areas -

  • Tablets and Handheld computers are used by the ground staff to scan barcodes at the entry checkpoint.
  • POS terminals are used for scanning boarding passes.

Business Requirements

1. Ability to easily monitor and secure Indigo’s business apps and mobile devices
2. A separate Cloud instance dedicated for Indigo
3. Ability to generate and share vulnerability test report
4. Generating custom and on-demand analytics report of battery charge and drain times of devices
5. Getting regular insights on signal strength analytics
6. Generating crash report of any app which is captured by Android
7. Ability to get regular updates on RAM consumption analytics
8. Admin rights for multiple users
Indigo Logo

Industry: Aviation/Transportation

Location of Deployment: India

Devices: Apple iPads, Samsung tablets, Motorola Smartphones, Zebra Rugged Devices, Lenovo and Mosambee PoS

Operating System: Android, Windows PE, iOS, macOS

Solution: 42Gears UEM Solution

Licenses: 1000 - 5000 devices

The Solution

Indigo chose 42Gears UEM based on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant Report. 42Gears is positioned as a Visionary in 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant report, which made it a perfect choice for Indigo.

Solution Details

42Gears UEM fulfilled all the technical requirements Indigo had. The solution’s centralized console allows the airline to:

1. Easily whitelist and blacklist business applications on devices
2. Block usage of peripherals, such as USB
3. Remotely view device screens for troubleshooting devices
4. Track location of devices
5. Install, uninstall and upgrade business applications remotely
6. Remotely upgrade the Operating System of devices
7. Remotely wipe data on devices

Indigo airlines is contented with 42Gears UEM solution. After implementing 42Gears solution, the airline service provider has been successful in reducing the number of documents pilots usually carry to the cockpit and reducing mobile data overages. They can now easily deploy and upgrade business applications remotely.


Indigo has experienced the following benefits:

  • Preventing device misuse is not a challenging task anymore.
  • There has been a significant reduction in mobile data overages.
  • Daily operations have been greatly streamlined.
  • Customer service has significantly improved.


“Overall experience was good in terms of product functionality. Also, the pre-sales team was very helpful.”

                                                                                                       - Rahul Soni, Assistant Manager (IT/ISC), Indigo.