Case Study - Transportation

How Bishopsgate Uses 42Gears UEM to Save Thousands on IT Infrastructure Management

Business Overview

Bishopsgate, a UK based transportation and logistics provider, offers effective final mile delivery and logistics services to businesses. Bishopsgate caters to multiple industries such as healthcare, Hi-Tech, financial services, telecom, etc. The company doesn’t just stop at delivery, but also guarantees smooth positioning of fragile consignments, regardless of the story or space.

Business Case

Bishopsgate embraced mobile devices - rugged handhelds and tablets, to streamline their logistics operations. 

  1. Rugged handhelds allow the mobile frontline employees to efficiently scan barcodes in the warehouse.
  2. Tablets automate common driver tasks to ensure accurate, on-time and error-free pickups, deliveries, and returns. 


Industry :  Transportation

Location : UK

Product : 42Gears UEM

Operating System : Android

Devices : Honeywell CT50 & Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Licenses : 100 devices


  1. Inventory Management: Inability to manage and maintain a huge number of assets in the field
  2. Device deployment: Difficulty in configuring a large number of driver devices and updating them regularly (this is time-consuming and cumbersome)
  3. Tracking software versions: Difficulty in updating multiple versions of the same application running on different devices
  4. Locating devices: Inability to track devices in real-time


42Gears UEM enhanced the safety and security of data used in the field.

  1. Remote Management: Bishopsgate uses this feature to easily manage the device inventory.
  2. Installation Job: Deployment time and effort reduced when Bishopsgate started using this feature. They were able to remotely install/uninstall their business application on business devices used by their drivers. Moreover, as the solution allows IT admins to update the older versions of apps with the new versions, the app updation process became easy.
  3. Location tracking: This feature helped the company to easily track and locate missing devices.


42Gears UEM solution helps the company to:

  • Provision a large number of devices easily
  • Reduce the number of devices being misplaced
  • Locate devices in the field in real time


  1. The overall efficiency increased by 75%.
  2. The overall user productivity improved by 50%.
  3. Bishopsgate also saved 50% on the cost of IT infrastructure management.


“Great product and support when needed.” 

Jake Bloch,
Operations Director,