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Case Study - Logistics and Transportation

Fleet Optics - Fleet Management

FleetOptics Handles Critical Delivery Services With the Help of 42Gears

Business Overview

FleetOptics Inc. provides logistics teams with software that keeps managers, drivers, and customers informed during the final transport and delivery steps of any shipment (known as “final-mile logistics”). 

Drivers receive Android phones loaded with FleetOptics Access- a suite of productivity tools that let managers locate fleet vehicles, track drivers, measure delivery speed, and remotely access invoices and other key documents. 

Managers can also use FleetOptics Access for analytics, letting them optimize delivery strategies.

Background and Challenges

The operations FleetOptics oversees are inherently complex, but FleetOptics needed to simplify the way it managed the devices it provided to drivers. 

Several issues, in particular, frustrated FleetOptics:

Industry : Logistics and Transportation

Location : Ontario, Canada

Products : SureMDM and SureLock

Operating System : Android

Devices : Smartphones

Deployment Size : 100

Challenges : FleetOptics needed to coordinate delivery logistics across many devices at once. 

Solution : SureMDM and SureLock allowed FleetOptics to manage devices remotely and improve employee productivity.

  1. Employees had to spend hours manually installing and updating applications on each device 
  2. If devices had problems and needed troubleshooting, getting them back to a corporate hub for repairs was difficult. 
  3. Drivers would sometimes alter device settings without authorization, changing the way the devices worked and making coordination between devices difficult. 
  4. Drivers would also download apps while in-the-field, resulting in huge data-consumption fees for FleetOptics.

The Solution

SureMDM and SureLock by 42Gears

42Gears had the tools FleetOptics required to optimize its use of Android phones for final-mile logistics.

The company especially appreciated 42Gears’ help with quick setup, enabling FleetOptics to set up a device management tool in just a week. 

42Gears helped FleetOptics implement SureMDM (the 42Gears Device Management Solution) and SureLock (the 42Gears Lockdown Solution), which resolved FleetOptics’ concerns.

  1. Using SureMDM, FleetOptics could remotely install, uninstall and update necessary apps on every Android device at once.
  2. SureMDM’s Remote Troubleshooting feature allowed FleetOptics to remotely view, control, and troubleshoot devices that were in use on the road. 
  3. FleetOptics used SureLock to lock devices down to specific apps, preventing drivers from changing system settings. 
  4. SureMDM’s analytics tools allowed FleetOptics to analyze per-device data consumption, helping them identify and discipline users who consumed excessive data.


  1. Coordinating apps and app updates has allowed devices to run more smoothly and efficiently - resulting in a 30% decrease in technical problems. 
  2. Even when technical problems did occur, FleetOptics could now resolve most problems in a few minutes; previously, it could take several days. 
  3. Drivers are more efficient and focused now that the devices they use are locked down. 
  4. In addition to curbing data usage, analytics data has allowed FleetOptics to offer better real-time shipment transparency to its customers.


"FleetOptics was able to overcome a number of obstacles, with remote troubleshooting, restricting use of devices for strictly company purposes. The enrolment process could be a little more streamlined with the Nix Agent and SureLock on top. Overall it is very intuitive and very easy to use. Offers many features that are limited with other MDMs. Technical support has been fast and effective."

-Jay Hernandez,
Technical Solutions Manager, FleetOptics.