Case Study - Education

FIITJEE’s Digital Transformation Journey with 42Gears 

FIITJEE (Forum for Indian Institute of Technology and Joint Entrance Examination) is a coaching institute offering programs for competitive exams such as JEE (Joint Entrance Examination), SAT, NTSE (National Talent Search Examination), KVPY (Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana Exam) and RMO (Regional Mathematics Olympiad). FIITJEE caters to students of classes VI to XII, with coaching centers available pan India.

FIITJEE Brings Renaissance to Indian Education System with Integrated Coaching Programs

FIITJEE was set up by Mr. D. K. Goel, a Mechanical Engineering Graduate from IIT Delhi, in 1992. In its initial stage, it was created with a vision to provide coaching and training to serious JEE aspirants. Over the years, FIITJEE has grown to become much more than a mere coaching institute for IIT-JEE. It has joined hands with schools across India to create an education platform that students can rely on to prepare for Olympiads, SAT-I & SAT-II and also to get admission in IITs & US universities.

Keeping up with FIITJEE’s ongoing endeavor to become a serious education service provider, new digital strategies have been onboarded. FIITJEE wanted to adopt an eco-friendly education system to enable digital tracking of student assignments and tests. The institute started giving Samsung and Lenovo tablets to its students and teachers for easier management of study materials, assignments and tests. This strategy is being successfully applied to a few selective FIITJEE’s coaching centers and eventually will be is applied across all centers in India.

For Students – Tablets provided to students offer easy access to FIITJEE’s applications, which are divided into separate apps for different subjects. Each student is given an individual login that allows them to directly access study notes for Physics, Chemistry, Math and Biology (respective to their class) by logging into individual apps on the tablets. They can also complete and submit assignments and take online exams/questionnaires shared by teachers through the apps, directly on the tablets. Once their course is complete, the data in the tablets are wiped off by the institute and given back to the students for use as personal devices.

For Teachers – FIITJEE also provides tablets to its teachers so that they can easily update or change course material, add question papers and conduct tests.


FIITJEE’s main requirement was to lock down the tablets given to students and teachers into kiosk mode. They wanted to ensure that students can access only whitelisted study applications and not use the devices for recreational purposes.

They were looking for a solution which could:

1. Turn tablets given to students into purpose-specific devices that allowed access to only educational material specified by FIITJEE.

2. Allow admins to remotely update study material on the student devices.

3. Partially lock down devices given to teachers and give them the privilege to access only certain whitelisted recreational apps such as YouTube and WhatsApp.

4. Allow teachers to make calls and send messages from their tablets.


FIITJEE opted for 42Gears UEM Solution to secure and manage devices given to students. The institute uses SureLock to lock down Lenovo and Samsung devices into kiosk mode and SureMDM to manage the devices remotely. Samsung devices have in-built APIs that offer provisions to disable factory reset and block safe mode. Accessing Lenovo’s firmware platform privileges, Lenovo devices were enrolled on SureMDM under Dedicated Devices (formerly called COSU or Corporate-Owned Single-Use) mode, as many of the provisions offered under Dedicated Devices were tailor-made to meet the needs of FIITJEE.

The combination of SureLock and SureMDM allows FIITJEE to:

1. Ensure student have access to only whitelisted applications.

2. Push apps, transfer files, and configure security policies as per company requirements.

3. Configure peripheral settings as per use case.

4. Block factory reset to ensure no one is able to exit the lockdown mode enforced on the tablets.

5. Block Safe Mode to prevent students from exiting the lock down through reboot.

FIITJEE also uses Enterprise App Store, SureMDM’s inbuilt feature, to compile study apps, push them over-the-air and remotely update them from the centralized console.


Industry :  Education

Location : India

Product : SureLock and SureMDM

Operating System : Android

Devices : Lenovo and Samsung Android devices


  • Time taken to update study material and distribute questionnaires and test to students was also significantly reduced.
  • Overall operational efficiency increased.


“Industries across the world are riding the wave of digitization. Like any other progressive enterprise, we need to keep up with the changing times by adopting new technologies into our business process. To do so, we offer our students special packages that would provide tablets to access study materials and files. We are happy with the way 42Gears products have ensured that the devices are only used for the educational intent they were meant for. Using 42Gears UEM tool, we are able to easily update and manage our app content, while keeping our tablets in secure lockdown.”

- Ankur Jain,
  Director and Centre Head
  FIITJEE Limited