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Case Study - Services

Fairfirst Insurance Improves efficiency by 90% with 42Gears Solutions

Business Overview

Based in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Fairfirst Insurance is a private company that provides a range of insurance policies for individuals as well as corporate houses.

Background and Challenges

Fairfirst empowers its field agents with tablets and allows them to operate remotely within the city and suburbs of Colombo. It provides them to get quick access to accurate data. With tablets, sales agents can meet potential clients, demonstrate insurance products/presentations, collect customer data, close deals and also capture signatures - all in a single meeting. 

However, these tablets introduced some potential concerns:

  1. Managing a large device inventory remotely was a huge problem for the IT team. Given that the tablets were distributed across Colombo, Fairfirst lacked a proper mechanism to track these devices.
  2. Fairfirst needed a way to keep the devices safe and restrict employees from misusing them.
  3. There was no way to ensure that the customer data residing on the devices was safe in case the devices were lost or misplaced.
  4. The company needed to provide access to a few essential work-related apps, such as Microsoft 365, but failed to manage the licenses remotely.
  5. As the field agents used the tablets for personal purposes also, the company struggled to set proper restrictions that would aid them in protecting company data while using work and personal applications.
  6. The company had no way to measure employee efficiency and lacked  visibility into how the devices were used.

Industry: Services

Location: Sri Lanka

Products: SureMDM and SureLock

Operating System: Windows 10 

Devices:  CHUWI HI 10 x tablet

Challenges:  The IT team of Fairfirst Insurance needed a way to track tablets distributed to its sales team. Besides, they needed a way to bolster data security and manage app deployment.

Solutions: With SureMDM, Fairfirst Insurance could manage the entire inventory of tablets. While SureMDM helped ensure data and device security  and manage apps, SureLock helped prevent device misuse.


The Solution

Fairfirst Insurance solved its device management challenges with 42Gears software. The company deployed the SureMDM Premium suite on all its devices. Soon, the IT team was able to: 

  1. Manage all the devices remotely from a central console with an increased visibility into device inventory. SureMDM’s location tracking feature allowed them to track all the devices when they were in the field. 
  2. Lock the devices into kiosk mode, ensuring that nobody could tamper with the devices or misuse them.
  3. Ensure the security of the customer data and the devices with SureMDM’s data safety features.
  4. Seamlessly deploy and update business apps remotely.
  5. Separate work and personal applications through containerization, thereby protecting corporate data.
  6. Schedule reports to get insights on device usage.


  • Device management efficiency has increased by 90% since adopting SureMDM.
  • Overall user productivity has improved by 90% since implementing 42Gears’ solutions.  


  • Thanks to the GPS tracking feature in SureMDM, Fairfirst’s IT teams can now track the location of company-owned devices from a central console.
  • By locking down the Windows tabs into specific apps, the company can now prevent users from accidentally downloading malicious software or accessing  non-work-related apps.
  • The company can now easily apply security and compliance policies on device and data access.  
  • The company has experienced an increase in employee efficiency as they can easily monitor device usage.


“42Gears has successfully helped us manage tablets running Windows 10, overall bringing in an environment that allows us to create a more efficient and productive workforce.”

Gihan Madusanka,
IT Helpdesk engineer,
Fairfirst Insurance