Case Study - IT Services

42Gears improves Functionality of Dubai Technologies’ Fleet Management Solution

Business Overview

The fleet management market size is estimated to grow from USD 9.54 billion in 2016 to USD 27.90 billion by 2021, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 23.9% during the forecast period. According to Jonathan Durkee of Fleetmatics, close to one in three (29%) companies who install fleet management software notice “improvements in driver behavior.” Fleet management software enables fleet managers to track driver, vehicle and trips. Also, it  provides remote management of vehicles, geo-fencing, and enabling-disabling activities. Dubai Technologies’ transport management system offers a complete fleet management solution to businesses. It procures android devices from Huawei and Lenovo, install fleet management software and 42Gears EMM solution and then offers the devices as a complete vehicle transport and management solution.

Business Background

Dubai Technologies (DT) uses Android smartphones to offer custom made fleet management mobility software, managed using 42Gears’ EMM suite. The company has over 20 years of experience in providing smart and technological solutions to businesses, communities and helping them to improve operations and streamlining processes. DT also deals in IoT, telematics, smart city projects, machine-to-machine integration and IT infrastructure integration. With a vision to provide comprehensive and end-to-end solution to their customers, DT associates and integrates with partner companies offering complementary solutions.


Dubai Technologies offers fleet management solutions to improve business efficiency and productivity. But there were few challenges that the company was facing while deploying  mobile devices in field:

  • One major challenge that the company faced was remotely managing & troubleshooting mobile devices installed in the vehicles used for tracking the fleet.
  • To install/uninstall/update applications and software on field devices, company required a wireless solution to remotely push jobs  such as installing/uninstalling apps, updating apps and modifying device configuration on devices.
  • High network/bandwidth usage was another cost concern for the company. A system was required to monitor and limit device data usage.
  • Devices used in workplaces were prone to security threats and required a robust solution that could secure corporate’s critical data and files from an unauthorised access.
  • Intentional or unintentional tampering of the device settings was another major problem for the company. Users could install unproductive and prohibited apps, which caused device malfunction and reduced employee productivity. A lockdown solution was required to ensure access to ‘approved applications’ and settings.
  • Tracking information/ device usage reports on battery status, network data consumption and identifying the most battery consuming applications, were vital for the company.

Industry: IT Services

Location: Dubai

Products: SureMDM and SureLock

Operating System: Android

Devices: Lenovo and Huawei


Dubai Technologies provides innovative and intelligent transport solutions to businesses for fleet management. The success and growth of  DT’s Transport Management System (TMS) is based on improving productivity, optimizing fleets, providing compliance, safety and real time data. For this, DT’ TMS required a robust EMM platform  which can provide features such as lockdown, remote access, applications control, manage and troubleshoot malfunctioning fleet management devices installed in the vehicles.


42Gears offered a comprehensive and flexible EMM solution to Dubai Technologies which empowered them to manage, track and monitor the devices pre configured with DT’ fleet management software and used by businesses to track the fleet.

DT was able to easily manage tasks such as pushing software updates, remotely accessing and troubleshooting devices,  preventing data and devices misuse with 42Gears’ EMM suite. 42Gears helped DT to provide a better fleet management  solution to their clients, using its EMM suite products.


To provide a comprehensive fleet management solution, DT started exploring EMM solutions to integrate into their software. Company needed a robust, user friendly and cost effective EMM that worked well with Lenovo and Huawei Android mobile devices.

After exploring various EMM solutions, DT settled on 42Gears’ SureLock and SureMDM, which were backed by numerous testimonials and good reviews. DT tested and found that 42Gears’ products were customizable and could be easily integrated with DT’s fleet management solution.

SureMDM is an intuitive EMM solution which helped DT in managing the devices which were installed in the vehicles. It helped in enrolling, provisioning, monitoring, location tracking and securing the device. Whereas, SureLock ensured the productive use of the devices in the field by restricting users to run only approved apps.

The implementation took approximately two months. More than 500 devices were deployed using 42Gears product. The company is very impressed with the initial performance and 24/7 highly responsive technical support. Pushing and installing apps remotely were the most suited features for DT.


  • SureMDM provided great assistance to Dubai technologies in managing and controlling devices remotely. Surelock helped in keeping the devices locked down so that they can be used only for intended purpose. By using both the products DT is now able to enhance the productivity by 70%.
  • By keeping a track over data usage on devices, Dubai technologies is now able to minimise the Internet cost by 25%.
  • Using 42Gears’ robust solutions empowered Dubai Technologies to enhance their customer satisfaction which in turn helped them to increase business and achieve quicker revenue realisation.


“42Gears helped us in Mobile Device Management by providing products like SureLock and SureMDM. It is quite easy to use the product with proper training and support. The features in SureLock and SureMDM are good and serves their purpose in Mobile Device Management. Tech support was very proactive in responding to the tickets raised.”

- Ashish Joseph,
  R & D Engineer,
  Dubai Technologies.