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Case Study - IT Services

Dubai Technologies Evolves Fleet Management with 42Gears

Business Overview

Dubai Technologies (DT) is a Dubai-based logistics planning firm that helps to improve all kinds of urban and industrial planning. 

In particular, DT focuses on how smart sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) devices can help to build better “smart cities.” 

With over 300 clients across the Middle East, DT has already transformed the way many live and work.

Background and Challenges

DT offers a fleet management solution to clients. During the process of establishing the solution, some issues emerged regarding the mobile devices it provided to clients:

  1. DT needed a way to monitor, manage, and secure devices in order to keep them safe. As these devices often handled sensitive data, DT needed to make sure that data was protected remotely.
  2. If devices malfunctioned while workers were on the road, it was very difficult to troubleshoot them. Workers would sometimes change device settings in ways that caused major issues, taking them offline until someone could help. 
  3. Setting up devices with the appropriate apps and policies was time-consuming. Updating those apps and software took a great deal of time as well. 
  4. Workers might install apps for personal enjoyment that distracted them from focused driving. Excessive use of these apps could also result in a very high data consumption bill. 
  5. DT’s clients needed to track worker devices as they travelled. If IT teams could track metrics like battery charge and per-app battery consumption, they could plan more effectively for the future.

Name : Dubai Technologies 

Industry : IT Services/Urban Planning

Location : Dubai, UAE.

Products : SureMDM by 42Gears and SureLock by 42Gears

OS : Android

Device Type : Lenovo and Huawei

Challenges : Dubai Technologies needed to monitor, manage, and secure the devices it provided to its fleet management clients. 

Solution : SureMDM and SureLock gave Dubai Technologies the tools necessary to keep devices safe, provision and update them easily, prevent excessive data consumption, and much more.

The Solution

SureMDM and SureLock by 42Gears

DT ultimately decided that SureMDM, the 42Gears device management solution, and SureLock, the 42Gears device lockdown solution, were the best fit for DT’s needs. DT made this choice based on strong word-of-mouth, 42Gears’ 24/7 technical support, and how easily DT could customize 42Gears products to meet its needs.

  1. 42Gears made it easy for DT to quickly enroll every device into SureMDM, and from there DT could manage every device from a central console. This included the ability to locate, lock down, or wipe lost or stolen devices. 
  2. SureMDM’s Remote Control feature allowed IT admins to remotely troubleshoot worker devices, streamlining the repair process. Plus, SureLock enabled DT to restrict access to device settings, preventing workers from causing issues by tampering with those settings.  
  3. Thanks to SureMDM, DT could provision many devices quickly and get them in the hands of workers. Plus, Dt could later deploy apps and app updates to every device at once whenever needed. 
  4. DT used SureLock to restrict devices to only pre-approved apps. This stopped unauthorized app usage, which in turn kept data-consumption costs at an appropriate level. DT could also monitor data-consumption on each device when necessary.
  5. The SureMDM central console allowed DT’s clients to access and organize all kinds of worker analytics with just a few clicks.


  1. DT has bolstered the security of its devices it offers its clients, improving the value proposition of its solutions and boosting customer satisfaction.
  2. Malfunctions are now less frequent and much faster to fix. 
  3. Devices now easily stay updated, with very little personnel time required. 
  4. As a result of restricting apps, worker productivity improved by 70%, and data consumption decreased by 25%.
  5. DT’s clients can now plan more effectively and see new trends early thanks to SureMDM’s analytics.


“42Gears helped us in Mobile Device Management by providing products like SureLock and SureMDM. It is quite easy to use the product with proper training and support. The features in SureLock and SureMDM are good and serves their purpose in Mobile Device Management. Tech support was very proactive in responding to the tickets raised.”

- Ashish Joseph,
  R & D Engineer,
  Dubai Technologies.