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Case Study - Technology

Banner - 42Gears Helps Collateral Opportunities Slash Device Support Time by 90%

Collateral Opportunities Enriches Its Healthcare Solutions With the Help of 42Gears

Business Overview

Collateral Opportunities (CO) provides healthcare organizations with software platforms that improve staff efficiency and safety. 

Specifically, CO’s software can help healthcare companies track staff and assets in hospitals, coordinate interactions with outreach patients, and allow staff to make distress calls when necessary.

Background and Challenges

As part of its services, CO distributes Android devices to its client organizations. This is very helpful for improving caretaker efficiency, but led to a few challenges:

  1. CO needed a way to monitor devices remotely, which was a challenge when devices were located across many different facilities. Without remote management tools, CO would have to troubleshoot devices in-the-field, which was complex and tedious.
  2. Setting up devices with the appropriate settings one-by-one was prohibitively time-consuming in the context of large organizations. 
  3. As CO needed to manually install applications and updates on each device, updating an entire client site could take several hours. If updates required devices to reboot, these reboots also needed to be conducted one-by-one, taking more time.
  4. Workers would exit work-related apps and use phones for personal enjoyment, harming efficiency and potentially causing problems if they inadvertently changed device settings.
Collateral Opportunities Logo

Name : Collateral Opportunities

Industry : Healthcare

Location : Washington, D.C., USA 

Products : SureMDM by 42Gears and SureLock by 42Gears

OS : Android

Deployment Size : 600+

Challenges : Collateral Opportunities needed a way to monitor, troubleshoot, and lock down the devices it gave to its client healthcare organizations. 

Solution : With the help of SureMDM and SureLock, Collateral Opportunities gained the remote management tools it needed to keep devices secure, while keeping employees focused.

The Solution

SureMDM and SureLock by 42Gears

CO chose to use 42Gears software in order to overcome the device challenges it faced. Because 42Gears offered both cloud-hosted and on-premise licenses, CO could use whichever license was more appropriate for each of its clients. 

CO used SureMDM, the 42Gears device management solution, and SureLock, the 42Gears device lockdown solution, to bolster its device management abilities:

  1. SureMDM allowed CO to monitor, manage, and secure client devices remotely from a central console. Plus, CO used SureMDM’s Remote Control feature to easily troubleshoot devices remotely, regardless of location.
  2. CO could rapidly provision devices with desired settings, thanks to the functionality of SureMDM’s on-device app, SureMDM Nix Agent
  3. SureMDM enabled CO to silently push apps, app updates, and OS updates remotely from the central console. CO could now trigger devices to reboot at any time, or schedule reboots outside of work hours. 
  4. SureLock locked devices down into kiosk mode, ensuring users could only access intended apps, and could not alter device settings in any way.


  1. The time required to troubleshoot devices has decreased by 90%, and on-boarding new clients is much easier. 
  2. CO can now set up devices in half the time previously required. 
  3. Overall device implementation and management costs have decreased substantially in CO’s work with multiple clients. 
  4. Workers now use their devices as intended, improving employee focus and efficiency.


“42Gears UEM solution was just the right tool we needed to help us streamline our device management. We were in need of a powerful and easy-to-implement solution that would help our company scale our software implementations and support such changes by automating many of the tasks we were performing manually. Within 30 days of being introduced to SureMDM, we had evaluated the product, purchased licenses and begun to roll it out to our managed devices. We are currently at over 600 devices managed by 42Gears UEM and continue to add more each month.  We don’t worry about how we will support these devices anymore. The entire team, from sales to support, has been great to work with, responding quickly to any questions and providing support at all hours of the day.”

                                                                                                                                      - Michael Kusens, Chief Technology Officer, Collateral Opportunities, LLC